Zombie Girl Diary Teaser Trailer Is Spooky


I think that kids can become the spookiest characters in any horror movie and the same stands for the zombie genre. And it seems that we’re about to get the very first movie centered around a zombie kid: Zombie Girl Diary which has been teased with a really well done and incredibly spooky trailer.

Zombie Girl Diary comes with a pretty basic story, but a concept of survival that should prove amazing to any fan of the zombie genre: “It is a story about a mother and daughter fighting to survive throughout a zombie apocalypse. Along the way they encounter other survivors and come together to make their way through the crazy world, now turned upside down.”

Even though it is obviously a very low budget production, Zombie Girl Diary at least has a good start. Check out the teaser trailer below and decide if I am right or wrong:

So, what do you think? Does the zombie girl bring the spook on?


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