I’ve been a huge fan of zombies ever since I was a young kind and my parents considered that there is nothing wrong in me watching the original Dawn of the Dead… that’s when this whole idea of a world overrun by zombies, where you have to hide, survive and blow undead heads away, this entire apocalyptic setting seemed like a dream that will eventually become reality.

Fortunately for humanity, a zombie apocalypse never came, but my interest in the zombie genre never ceased to exist. I kept watching zombie movies that were released yearly – and I was mostly disappointed by their low quality; I started reading zombie novels and I was surprised to find so many good novels that were not made into movies; and finally I started to hate fast zombies. I grew up knowing that zombies are slow so… zombies ARE SLOW!

And I always was a fan of writing, even though English is not my native language and therefore I am not the best writer around. However, I don’t tend to give up that easily and when I stumbled upon, completely random, over Anythingzombie.com – back then owned by Chinaren but just put up for sale – I considered it a sign and decided to purchase the website and start my own zombie blog, something I’ve been planning to do for a long time.

Although free time to write is not one of the things I have most of since I must do my own survival here in the real world where no zombies roam free yet, I will still do my best to deliver you all the information I can related to zombies: news about outbreaks (probably this will be the category where I Will never post), zombie movie and book reviews, news about zombies and even some of my own takes about this entire zombie thing. And since I love computer games, I will probably post a lot about zombie games too.

So thanks for visiting Anything Zombie, I hope that your stay will be a very pleasant one and I hope that your return will find us both well!

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