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7 Absolutely Amazing Zombie… Cupcakes!

I am sure that not many of you considered pairing up the cute and tasty cupcakes with the world of zombies, but some people out there in the world did and the result is pretty impressive: these zombie cupcakes that I am going to share with you are absolutely amazing and deadly delicious.

These would be a perfect snack for any zombie party, especially if you pair them with Escape Room Z – a printable zombie escape room game. I’ve played it, and can honestly recommend it as the best zombie party game you can get. Check out my playthrough of the game here.

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So sit back and enjoy the gallery of certainly the most amazing zombie cupcakes in the world. 7 amazing zombie cupcakes!

Zombies Rising Cupcakes

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Hungry Zombie Cupcake


Zombie Survivor Cupcakes

Zombie Teddy Bears Cupcakes

The Rising Dead Cupcakes


Bloody Bones Cupcakes

Another Zombie Teddy Bear Cupcake

Did you enjoy these amazing zombie cupcakes? Then please share them with your friends so that they can enjoy them too!

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