Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition on Amazon for Less Than $10!


If May 2012 was the month of the zombies in the real world, it appears that Amazon has some partying to do as they have kicked off an amazing sale: the original Dawn of the Dead, plus a bunch of goodies that make up the Ultimate Edition are for sale right now for just $9.85 (as opposed to the regular price of $49.97).

PLEASE NOTE: The promotion is no longer valid. You can still check the link out and see if it returns or a different discount is in place.

This is really a must have for every zombie fan (or just zombie movie fan), as the Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition from Amazon comes with four discs:

Disc 1: U.S Theatrical Version, with trailers and radio spots & more
Disc 2: Extended Version, plus Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery, Memorabilia Gallery, Production Stills and more
Disc 3: European Version & a lot more
Disc 4: Documentaries about Dawn of the Dead and The Walking Dead

Add to that the fact that the Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition comes with a comic book and just the bonuses themselves make it worth a lot more and you have a must by collection/ collector’s edition right now for your viewing pleasure. So head over to Amazon and get this amazing collection right now!


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