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Zynga Use Zombies to Promote Zombie Swipeout iPhone Game

You’ve got to love it when a games company invests some thought in how to promote a product they’re about to launch and FarmVille-maker Zynga surely proved that they take things seriously. (photos below)

The company plans to launch an iPhone game, Zombie Swipeout, which is something like the popular Fruit Ninja game, but with zombies, which already makes it better in my opinion.

However, it’s not the game that I am here to discuss, but the way Zynga decided to promote it: they started by sending three zombies over at the offices of, having a box of Blood Pop ice cream. Amazing!

The costumes were also amazing, as well as the make-up. What makes it even better, if you live in Manhattan or San Francisco, is that you have a chance to see the zombies yourself because Zynga really gets serious when it comes to promotion. And coolness, clearly.

Check out the amazing photos of Zombies promoting Zombie Swipeout:

Image credit: Games blog

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