Zombie Photoshoots that Spook

Download Some High Quality Zombie Wallpapers Here

If you love zombies as much as I do, then you always want to have something zombie-related nearby at all times. Zombie wallpapers are a great way to achieve that since you’re probably spending a lot of time looking at your computer’s screen anyway. And in case you’re finding it difficult to get more zombie wallpapers, I’ve decided to come help you out a bit and share with you 14 zombie themed images – all of a really high quality in my opinion – that you can use as wallpapers.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a little more cartoon grunge and a little less gore, check out Escape Room Z. This printable escape room kit comes with a bunch of cool posters that can really easily double as wallpapers. (Check out our playthrough of Escape Room Z here)

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I’ve shared with you some iPhone wallpapers in the past, created by Tony Moore himself – so you should check them out if you want to pimp you iPhone a bit as well – but don’t expect too many images there.

Below, however, I have gathered 14 high quality zombie wallpapers that you can download for free. In order to do so, first click the wallpaper(s) of your choice to open them in larger resolution, then right click the new image and select to save it on your computer or just click the “Set as Desktop Background” option and you’ll always have some zombie-related image greeting you.

Check them all out and download the ones you really enjoy. Here are the great zombie wallpapers you can download today:

Wallpaper #1

Wallpaper #2

Wallpaper #3

Wallpaper #4

Wallpaper #5

Wallpaper #6

Wallpaper #7

Wallpaper #8

Wallpaper #9

Wallpaper #10

Wallpaper #11

Wallpaper #12

Wallpaper #13

Wallpaper #14

There you have it! 14 great zombie wallpapers to use whenever you feel the need for more zombies in your life. I hope you enjoyed them – if you do, check back often as I might add even more wallpapers as free downloads in the future! If not, you’re still getting a ton of great zombie-related stuff from the blog, and that’s really useful as well!

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Zombie Photoshoots that Spook

Zombie Survival Vehicles: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in Style

A few years ago, I shared with you a bunch of zombie survival vehicles. Those heavily armored cars, though, are aimed at bashing zombies and making for a quick escape during the zombie apocalypse.

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But what if you don’t really have all those armor platings and huge trucks around? What if you only have an abandoned taxi or maybe a small three-wheeled drive? Well, you can turn anything into an amazing zombie survival vehicle and today I managed to come by some amazing concepts created by Donal O’Keeffe!

These 3-D rendered concepts are absolutely amazing for any zombie fan out there – and probably all post-apocalyptic fans too as they manage to capture everything that’s great (and not so great) about this whole apocalypse thing. And the interesting thing is that I do believe that most of these zombie survival vehicles would actually work more or less during a real zombie apocalypse, so why not check them out below and make plans to zombie-proof your next vehicle?

Zombie Survival Police Car


Zombie Survival Rickshaw


Zombie Survival Taxi


Zombie Survival Van


Zombie Survial Sedan


Zombie Survival Bus


It’s really interesting to see how the creator of these designs thought about all important aspects: safety, armor, living areas and storage and made the most out of the limited amount of space each vehicle offers. Of course, it would be best if a zombie apocalypse ever happened, to never jump in a rickshaw in the first place – but if your options are limited, you can turn almost any vehicle into a solid anti-zombie vehicle. Or at least make them better and you now have some great designs for inspiration.

Which of the images above is your favorite anti zombie vehicle?

Image source: (now defunct).

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Zombie Photoshoots that Spook

Zombie Walk in Frankfurt: Photos

Every year in Frankfurt the Zombie Walk is held to allow those who love zombies to either dress up like them or watch some really well made costumes, all highlighting the beauty of the zombie concept. Check out it!

So here are some incredible pictures from the Zombie Walk 2012 in Frankfurt:

I never got the chance to go to a zombie parade, but I surely hope it will happen as soon as possible since it looks incredibly fun!

But you don’t need to wait for a parade, you could dress up and host a zombie party yourself. Escape Room Z is a printable escape room game that makes the perfect ‘main event’ for a zombie party or game night. It’s a lot of fun, and I really recommend giving it a go. You can read my playthrough of the game here.

Photos via Facebook and… Facebook!

Zombie Photoshoots that Spook

Queen, Amy Winehouse & More as Zombie Illustrations

Today I have to share with you some illustration that have the potential to spark some controversy as they show us the zombie versions of well known artists like Queen, Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston. And since they’re not here with us to enjoy the art, some people might find them offensive, even though you can obviously see that the cartoonish touch the artist (Danvinci) gave his illustration have nothing offensive with them.

But check out these celebrity zombies images below and decide for yourself if you like them or not!

Queen zombie illustration

Amy Winehouse zombie illustration

Kurt Cobain zombie illustration

LMFAO zombie illustration

Ray Charles zombie illustration

Whitney Houston zombie illustration

Source: here

Zombie Photoshoots that Spook

Download Tony Moore Zombie Wallpapers for iPhone

If you want a bit of an Walking Dead feeling on your iPhone, why not go to Tony Moore himself and download a zombie wallpaper right now? You can check out the three wallpapers below and download the one you like the most to bring zombie awesomeness to your iPhone screen:

iPhone Zombie Wallpaper 1

iPhone Zombie Wallpaper 2

iPhone Zombie Wallpaper 3

I think that our lives are better because Tony Moore is here to draw zombies for us!

Zombie Photoshoots that Spook

Here Are Some Nice Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is coming and I guess that us, the zombie fans, can only celebrate it with some zombie themed cards for our loved ones – who are hopefully alive and hot trying to eat our braaaaains.

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Therefore, inspired by the release of some zombie themed Valentine’s Day cards released by the Walking Dead team (see them below), I searched the internet for some more… and I was surprised to see that there are not that many zombie themed Valentine’s Day Cards. But still enough to keep us going this year.

Check out first the Walking Dead Valentine’s Day zombie cards:

And now a few more (and more awesome!) zombie themed Valentine’s Day cards:

What do you think about these zombie themed Valentine’s Day cards? Would you give something like this to your loved one?

Alternatively, you could use the art and editor from Escape Room Z to create your own zombie cards. I’ve written about this printable escape room game here (check it out – I really loved playing it!), but never really touched on its customizability. Using the editor, and all the cute zombie graphics they give you, you could really make some killer cards! (pun totally intended!)

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