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Zombie Survival Vehicles: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in Style

A few years ago, I shared with you a bunch of zombie survival vehicles. Those heavily armored cars, though, are aimed at bashing zombies and making for a quick escape during the zombie apocalypse.

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But what if you don’t really have all those armor platings and huge trucks around? What if you only have an abandoned taxi or maybe a small three-wheeled drive? Well, you can turn anything into an amazing zombie survival vehicle and today I managed to come by some amazing concepts created by Donal O’Keeffe!

These 3-D rendered concepts are absolutely amazing for any zombie fan out there – and probably all post-apocalyptic fans too as they manage to capture everything that’s great (and not so great) about this whole apocalypse thing. And the interesting thing is that I do believe that most of these zombie survival vehicles would actually work more or less during a real zombie apocalypse, so why not check them out below and make plans to zombie-proof your next vehicle?

Zombie Survival Police Car


Zombie Survival Rickshaw


Zombie Survival Taxi


Zombie Survival Van


Zombie Survial Sedan


Zombie Survival Bus


It’s really interesting to see how the creator of these designs thought about all important aspects: safety, armor, living areas and storage and made the most out of the limited amount of space each vehicle offers. Of course, it would be best if a zombie apocalypse ever happened, to never jump in a rickshaw in the first place – but if your options are limited, you can turn almost any vehicle into a solid anti-zombie vehicle. Or at least make them better and you now have some great designs for inspiration.

Which of the images above is your favorite anti zombie vehicle?

Image source: (now defunct).

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