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Map of the Dead: Google Maps for the Zombie Apocalypse

If it ever happens for the Zombie Apocalypse to hit, then you certainly want to have Map of the Dead bookmarked in order to access it quickly, as long as it is still possible.

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This application uses Google Maps and turns it into a Zombie Apocalypse map, outlining the danger zones (places you don’t want to be in when the zombies get back to life) as well as stores that would be of particular interest to you: gas stations, gun shops, grocery stores, pharmacy and so on. Basically, it’s a map that has the most important places in case of an apocalypse marked. Here’s an example of a bit of Map of the Dead:

Unfortunately, the map is far from being complete and probably the Zombie apocalypse will still catch it incomplete, but it’s better than nothing. Obviously, the US map is better filled with information – but mostly for the larger cities, but hopefully if people worldwide start updating it it will soon become a really useful compendium in case of a zombie apocalypse. Pretty fun.

If you’re curious to check out the Map of the Dead, hit the link and enjoy!

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