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Kill Zombies in Zombie Last Night Game

Even though I am a fan of more complex zombie related stuff, from movies to books and even video games, every now and then I like to kick off some steam and enjoy a no-brainer. In this case, we are talking about a zombie game (available for free) – Zombie Last Night 2 – where it’s up for you to survive as much as possible and destroy as many zombie hordes as possible. And it’s not that easy!

At first, you are a novice zombie killer, but slowly, even after your death, you become better: you will have the money to spend for a better weapon, for increased stats and speed and health and so on in order to become even better at killing these zombies. Which is fun for a while until you get bored by the same mechanics and outnumbered by the zombies.

But it is fun while it lasts and if you want to, you can give Zombie Last Night 2 a try here. It’s free!

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