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This Chinese Zombie 108 Movie Looks Amazing!

Usually, zombie movies mean “low budget” flicks with no real value added to them and that gets even worse for foreign zombie movies. However, I just received a trailer for an upcoming Chinese (or Japanese, can’t say for sure) zombie movie title Zombie 108. And it looks hot like hell!

Here’s the synopsis of the upcoming film: “The nuclear disaster that Japan suffered accidentally alters the genes of the influenza virus. A group of young people get infected and haven’t paid any attention to their illness, until a boy surprisingly bites a girl’s throat in a drunken night out. Their friends start screaming at the gushing blood. After the viral event, the government orders to quarantine the sick and evacuate all residents in the vicinity. But those drunk party people are not aware of this message. Meanwhile, the army and the police join hands to form a SWAT team to enter the quarantined zone. Those survivors suddenly become zombies to attack the living. In no time, the whole city is film with such huge bloodshed. People from all walks of life – including gangsters, policemen, SWAT teams and the civilians – are willing to work together to escape, but they have hidden schemes to compete with and they may even kill each other.” (you gotta love the Engrish, too!)

Unfortunately, no extra information was available about Zombie 108 and the movie is not featured on IMDB, but it sure looks like one hell of a project with a pretty big budget too – so if you find let, let me know where so that I can see it too!

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This looked awsome.
I do think its japanese. not chinese. sounds japanese when they talked and the story is about japan 😉
but i dont know.

AWSOME site. Glad i stumbled upon this one.
great work

This is the first Taiwan zombie movie. And the total investment is only USD $250,000 in total!!!! Most of the money is coming from those die hard zombie fans (800 people) in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The movie is very successful, it was invited to join 8 Film festivals, including the BLIFFF in Belgian, the Bucheon film festival in Korea, etc…

The film is already shown on cinema on 13/4, 2012. And becomes the top 4 of the box office in Taiwan this week.

It is a Taiwanese movie by Independent director Chin Yan Ho, the funding of this project was raised in Facebook. Some type of stock options etc. And many staffs even actors are volunteers. So in a sense, this is a low budget, big production.

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