Ground Zero Is an Indie Zombie Flick


There won’t be many highly anticipating the release of Ground Zero on 08/14/2012, but I think that all indie filmmakers should be supported and encouraged if we want the zombie genre to deliver great gems and big blockbuster titles. Apparently, Ground Zero is from neither category and falls in the “ambitious project” range.

Ground Zero tells the story of two professional “cleaners” who are hired to collect a frozen corpse located high in the mountains and dispose of it in an old warehouse, unaware the body belongs to political activist Darius, brutally assassinated by Nat-Tech Corp. after injecting himself with a deadly virus.

A swiftly-defrosting infected corpse in tow, they arrive at the warehouse to discover a group of amateur cleaners, a rising body count… and a rising corpse. Can our cleaners avert a global biological meltdown, or will Darius’ grave become Ground Zero?

Check out the trailer below:

As you can see, we can’t talk about a great movie but it might prove to be a pretty decent flick for those who really are into this genre.


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