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Here Are Some Nice Zombie Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is coming and I guess that us, the zombie fans, can only celebrate it with some zombie themed cards for our loved ones – who are hopefully alive and hot trying to eat our braaaaains.

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Therefore, inspired by the release of some zombie themed Valentine’s Day cards released by the Walking Dead team (see them below), I searched the internet for some more… and I was surprised to see that there are not that many zombie themed Valentine’s Day Cards. But still enough to keep us going this year.

Check out first the Walking Dead Valentine’s Day zombie cards:

And now a few more (and more awesome!) zombie themed Valentine’s Day cards:

What do you think about these zombie themed Valentine’s Day cards? Would you give something like this to your loved one?

Alternatively, you could use the art and editor from Escape Room Z to create your own zombie cards. I’ve written about this printable escape room game here (check it out – I really loved playing it!), but never really touched on its customizability. Using the editor, and all the cute zombie graphics they give you, you could really make some killer cards! (pun totally intended!)

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