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I had the misfortune of requesting online prescription delivery from this pharmacy. The USPS routed my Cialis to another state before realizing their error and sending it back to New Jersey. I called the pharmacist to try to order a temporary refill since I had gone days without my medication. The pharmacist acted like he didn’t care and was giving me attitude when I asked if he could refill it or get me a bridge prescription since I didn’t know when or if the medication would ever get to my door. He even had the audacity to say that the prescription was “out for delivery” when he had no way of knowing when it would be delivered; I ended up calling USPS, and they said that the prescription package was still in transit. What a miserable place. Don’t buy anything there. Just go to a locally-owned pharmacy that cares about you.

Payless Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.6)

1206 7th St SE, Decatur, AL 35601, United States

(256) 353-5011

I called in to order a Cialis refill as traveling for a month out of the country. They did not fill the Rx, and when I went to pick it up was told they decided it was too early and wouldn’t fill it. When I explained the situation, they didn’t have any and wouldn’t place the order until after I had already left. I had to source another pharmacy that had it in stock. Terrible, they felt it was their decision if I should have it and even told me my insurance wouldn’t cover an early Rx. I don’t appreciate being lied too. Terrible service, moving my pharmacy needs.

Not the most friendly staff around. Will often leave you standing for long lengths of time without acknowledgment. Don’t even get me started on the drive-thru. The only reason I use this Payless Pharmacy is that it is in the neighborhood. Prices are not the best either, do not really bother to compete with larger competition.

ViaQX Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.1)


2637 Ira E Woods Ave #200, Grapevine, TX 76051, United States

(817) 416-2222

Mostly nice people. Sometimes the staff have an attitude and can be more welcoming. I go for my boss, and they always help me get his medications timely and quickly.

I’m giving Viaqx Pharmacy 4 stars even though the pharmacy was slow and took a few hours to buy my Cialis pills. If you were kind and courteous to them, they were very pleasant back to you. The pharmacy is understaffed, but if you understand them, they will be more than happy to serve you with good customer service.

Ashworth Drugs (User Rating: 4.8)

105 W Chatham St, Cary, NC 27511, United States

(919) 467-1877

Much faster filling an Rx than at Meta Drive / Texas and Garfield. We needed to take care of some things in Odessa that afternoon after leaving the doctor’s office, so it was impractical from gas and time to return to Midland that late in the day. It only took 3 minutes to get to the counter to drop off the prescription and barely 15 for it to be filled, which I spent doing some other shopping there. They paged us, and we went right back and got it. I’d actually “reserved” a good 90 to 120 minutes just to deal with the prescriptions based on the experiences in Midland, so we had plenty of time afterward to go back down 8th Street to JumBurrito and actually relax rather than have to race against the clock to get everything taken care of. All of the Odessa stops would have been forfeited, and we would have wasted another whole day to get them done rather than smoothly dovetail the prescription with everything else. I’d fill prescriptions there more often if there weren’t frequent hour-long construction (and frequent wreck) induced traffic jams between Midland and Odessa, which often negate the time savings. However, sometimes the timing, gas, and mileage line up just right. There is another special trip I have to deal with in Odessa next month that aligns with filling a prescription. So I’m going to get that one sent to the Ashworth Drugs’ that day and see how that timing pans out compared to the last such trip.

Slowest pharmacy ever. Sit in line for 30 minutes to get one Cialis pill. They could fix this if they spent money on hiring!! Too many people do not have a full-time drive-thru-only assistant!! THE line would move faster. They don’t care… been like this for four years. Ugh!!!

Madison Drug (User Rating: 5.0)

110 Big Hill Ave, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

(859) 624-1565

I haven’t had any problems with Madison Drug until today. My daughter is sick and crying, and they didn’t have her prescription on Friday, so I’m here today to pick it up and to stand in line with a crying baby, and the lady is giving me the run around back and forth then I’m waiting to pay for it, and their all looking at me like are you gonna shut her up.

I’ve been online for 40 minutes. And the same lady has asked me all mad and rude the patient’s name at least 4 or 5 times. She sounds like a person of color. And like a bad attitude like if she’s tired of that job. SHE should be thankful she has a job.