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Should You Be the Raider During the Zombie Apocalypse?

Most of us hate the idea of raiders during any type of post-apocalyptic event and movies make sure to portray them as the baddest baddies out there. But if a zombie apocalypse hits, wouldn’t it be easier and more lucrative for you to become the raider?

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I personally (and unfortunately) know a lot of people who would prefer to be the raiders during a zombie apocalypse and in this article we’ll try to focus on those guys and girls and answer the burning question: should you be the raider during the zombie apocalypse? And especially what should you do to be a successful raider – if there’s such a thing like that. Things like this have to be covered, even though I do this only for fun and would never recommend anybody to go the raider way!

So in case you’re not familiar with the concept, raiding is the stealing and taking of possessions of other survivors. This can be done either by sneaking and stealing or with a more violent approach.

Let’s start with three tips for raiders:

– As a raider, it is always best to be sure you can take on your next objective. Taking over a military base with a lot of loot sounds tempting, but chances are you won’t be able to pull it of. If you get caught, you will die. Thieves are mostly looked down upon, so unless you have a big army of your own, do not engage. Pick your targets to your abilities and capabilities!
– Getting in and getting what you want is easy. Getting out and keeping what you got is hard. If you are taking the stealthy approach, make sure you can get away nice and quick, and be silent! Also have a plan B, make sure you can get away as fast as possible even if it is loud.
– Engage your own terms. Your most successful attack will be when your target is out in the open and vulnerable, away from their refuge. Bases are defended which will lower your chances of success.

Attacking a group of survivors

Once you have maybe tracked down a group of survivors you think you can raid, it is time to make a plan. Ideally the group would be unarmed, highly unlikely though since they have been surviving in a world full of walkers. Information will be very important, with surprise second. So try to get as much information of your prey without giving away your position. Signs to look for are: many children, older people, wounded people, slow moving people and small groups. Even though it’s not a must for this to happen, always consider that there will be some sort of retaliation and remember that a 100-years old grandma can still put a bullet between your eyes if given the chance or forced to!

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Terrain is a very important aspect in an assault. Take this into consideration before going in. When your attack is taking place on the open plains, there is no chance of cover for both positioning or surprise. High grass or trees however can be a great help in closing in to your targets.

If you manage to get close enough to surprise your victims, it can be used in most situations with great effect. An ambush is not always necessary, suddenly popping up around your victims will have a profound psychological effect. You will then demand the victims to surrender and can prevent a fight.

First Shots / Warning Shots

This can be very dangerous as it will have a great emotional affect. There is a chance though that it causes enough fear and confusion that the people will surrender. In case they don’t surrender you will have ensured a fight. People don’t make good decisions under stress and will most likely fight back. Warning shots, even when aimed in the air, can also cause a fight easily. They could start shooting at your position and you will start firing back and a fight is created. It is best to avoid a fight at all times. Try looking intimidating and demand respect of the prey and then ask for surrender instead.

Ask for Surrender

Ask for surrender. Once your group has taken position, reveal yourselves at once and yell at them to drop their weapons. Follow up with an apology that you just want to be safe. It is likely they have met other survivors so this demand is not very strange. If they refuse, try to surround them a bit more with caution. They could fire a warning shot or aimed shot so be very careful. This will not ruin you aspect of surprise, because they did not anticipate you here. If you can take a better position yell at them to drop their weapons one last time, and that you will count to three. Count fast, because it is not used for building tension. You are trying to force them to decide quickly without reason. If they do not drop their weapons, they are never going to and you will have to fight them. Make sure you fire first.

Raid them

Since you’re a raider, this is what you have to do! Raiding others causes high emotional pressure and builds hate so expect the people you raid to look into revenge if given the chance. Make sure you never offer that chance!

Although raiders would be tempted to steal everything – and most will – you should do your best to be a bit thoughtful and leave the survivors enough to get by and hopefully get back on track and rebuild. Leave them some weapons – but lock them in a box or empty the magazines or do anything that would prevent them from getting the weapons as soon as you turn your back to them. Leave them some food and comfort items and never visit them again.

But… could you live with all this on your mind? I personally believe that during an apocalypse, working together is the key to victory. Wars and fighting will only give the zombies the upper hand eventually and lower our numbers unnecessarily more. And look at the history: wars never resulted in great things, it was during the peace times that humanity really progressed and grew and improved!

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Zombie Game: Which Celebrities Would Join You in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Well, if the zombie apocalypse will come right now and you would have to team up with some celebrities, probably they wouldn’t really be the celebrities you wanted (sorry, Chuck Norris fans!).

I have stumbled upon this great birthday game that tells you the team of celebrities you’d be part of in the case of a zombie apocalypse. Check out the image below to decide what your team would look like:

I would have a really hardcore team, actually, since my team of zombie apocalypse survivors would be with Olivia Benson, Kim Kardashian and Sephiroth.

What about you? How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

This fun little game could make a great ice-breaker for a zombie party. Of course, the main event would be Escape Room Z – the printable zombie escape room game that is absolutely thrilling! I played it for a game night one weekend with my friends, and we all loved it! Check out my game playthrough for yourself here.

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Map of the Dead: Google Maps for the Zombie Apocalypse

If it ever happens for the Zombie Apocalypse to hit, then you certainly want to have Map of the Dead bookmarked in order to access it quickly, as long as it is still possible.

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This application uses Google Maps and turns it into a Zombie Apocalypse map, outlining the danger zones (places you don’t want to be in when the zombies get back to life) as well as stores that would be of particular interest to you: gas stations, gun shops, grocery stores, pharmacy and so on. Basically, it’s a map that has the most important places in case of an apocalypse marked. Here’s an example of a bit of Map of the Dead:

Unfortunately, the map is far from being complete and probably the Zombie apocalypse will still catch it incomplete, but it’s better than nothing. Obviously, the US map is better filled with information – but mostly for the larger cities, but hopefully if people worldwide start updating it it will soon become a really useful compendium in case of a zombie apocalypse. Pretty fun.

If you’re curious to check out the Map of the Dead, hit the link and enjoy!

Zombie Movies You'll Wanna CRUSH

Zombie Apocalypse Review

The first thing that convinced me to watch Zombie Apocalypse was the presence of Ving Rhames in the cast: I really like him, and this told me that this movie is not really a poor, low budget zombie flick that will just make me wonder how come somebody created it. And I was right – Zombie Apocalypse is a good zombie movie (don’t expect Triple A class, but expect better than you probably imagine from a movie by The Asylum).

Zombie Apocalypse gets straight to the point – the apocalypse has already happened and the survivors are few and scarce. A group of three friends that just left a survivors camp meets another group that is headed to Catalina island, where they know everything is safe and sound and civilization is rebuilding.

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This is the main plot line and I won’t say more to make sure I won’t spoil any surprises (there are hardly any, though). What I will say, though, is that the movie reminded me about Z.A. Recht’s Plague of the Dead (The Morningstar Strain) every now and then and that’s a great thing, because I consider this book one of the best zombie books ever written: there are both slow and fast zombies, the outbreak started somewhere far away from the US and zombies seem to have some primitive instincts still going. Again, I can’t say more not to spoil things, but trust me – the connections to Plague of the Dead are a bonus for Zombie Apocalypse.

Of course, there’s a lot of nonsense in the movie too – but the errors can be easily ignored, especially if you’re a fan of zombie movies. You can’t notice, though, that Cassie’s sword cuts heads open immediately, while in other scenes a chainsaw barely manages to cut open a skull. But these are details that won’t matter that much. However, it’s this kind of details that makes the movie just a mediocre one and not outstanding.

Because there’s a lot of potential to Zombie Apocalypse: the acting is pretty decent, the story is nice enough, the characters are mostly believable and even though they lack depth or an evolution throughout the movie, they are quite lovable. The special effects are not really the strongest point of the movie, but they’re of much better quality of what we usually get, and the zombies themselves are very well done and generally believable.

The movie also caters to a younger audience with the weapons used to fight zombies (a huge hammer, a samurai sword, a golf club and so on) and it really is surprisingly good: at least a lot better than I expected it to be, which I consider already a solid bonus for Zombie Apocalypse.

So yes, if you are a zombie fan, then most likely Zombie Apocalypse will be one of those movies you’ll enjoy watching. The story unfolds nicely and has a proper ending – something very few zombie movies or books tend to have, and this is for me a huge bonus. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss this one out!

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