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ZomBOOBIES Movie: Something Only Japan Can Make

I’ve had my fair share of crappy zombie movies that I watched throughout the years, just like any regular zombie fan, but ZomBOOBIES seems to be the king and queen (and unborn price) of crappy zombie movies. Of course, it’s made in Japan, the country where everything can be brought to life in terms of entertainment and that kills some of the WOW factor, but still it looks like the crappiest movie of the year.

ZomBOOBIES tells the story of a zombie invasion – with the walking dead being obviously more interested in boobs than brains (like all modern males nowadays, actually), with inflating breasts and in-and-out action (I am referring here to blades). Check out the trailer to see the entire crappiness of ZomBOOBIES:

And I thought that when I heard about ‘Zombie Ass movie’, I’ve heard (and seen) the ultimate low in the genre…