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Anything Zombie, Under New Management

Hello there, zombie lovers (I know it sounds bad, but I’m also sure you know what I mean). It’s been a short while since the owner of Anything Zombie has changed and I took the blog from Chinaren (the previous owner of the blog, if that’s not clear). Unfortunately, in the process, most of the content here was lost but hopefully that loss will be soon forgotten and replaced with extra, fresh and zombielicious content.

My name is Calin, but for the purposes of this blog I’ve chosen to go for a pen name – an uninspired Zombie Man, that is – and I plan to deliver all the excitement that surrounds the zombie mania as often as possible.

I just had to tweak the blog a little bit – and there’s still a some work to be done, but mainly I can say that everything is working just fine or seems to be working just fine and zombie content will start to find its way here regularly.

As I said in the About page, you should expect to find here anything related to the zombie mania, from personal thoughts to zombie book and movie reviews, news and game spotlighting, plus images that might make you go “Awwww” or give birth to that urge of getting a shotgun and blowing a zombie’s head off.

So thanks for bearing with me and the blog during this ownership change and let’s hope that the future is bright for Anything Zombie!