Zombie Games That'll Thrill


I’ve been quite into a zombie game on my Android device lately, and I was wondering if I should post this here or on my Crentech blog, but here won out in the end.

Anyway, you can play BioFrenzy on most Android devices as a good stress reliever. It’s a side shooter with a vast array of weapons and options, which gives the game a much longer lifespan that it would otherwise have, given its fairly repetitive nature.

There’s the almost obligitory chainsaw, shotgun, flamethrower and much more, up to a Aliens type robot suit which you buy from dropped coins from the re-dead.

Some of the zombies remind me of those in Plants vs Zombies, as they wear a bucket on their head. Perhaps they’re moonlighting.

Anyway, you can see a promo on the video below. I know it says it’s for the iPhone, but ignore that. (Does anyone still use an iPhone? How quaint.) A QR code is below too, ‘cos I’m just that helpful.