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Z World Detroit: A Post-Apocalyptic Amusement Park

I just heard about this idea and I must admit that I find it extremely interesting: a bunch of people were trying to revitalize a huge abandoned area in Detroit with… zombies!

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The project they had in mind was called Z World Detroit and wants to give birth to a post-apocalyptic zombie amusement park like no other: instead of going on joy rides and scare houses, you will actually have to spend a night there trying to survive the zombie apocalypse together with your friends and strangers. And the concept is absolutely amazing.

Here’s a bit of the description of the, unfortunately failed, Z World Detroit:

“You, your friends and hundreds of others have survived the zombie apocalypse. You enter an enclosed urban landscape where a small, but growing, group of zombies is unleashed. How long can you last? Can you make it to morning? Can you find the needed supplies to survive? Will your hideout be overrun by zombies, forcing you to flee? Will you find refuge in an abandoned house? In an old store? In a hulking old factory? Will you be separated from the rest of your group and be forced to run solo? Will you join up with another group of survivors? Will you ultimately succumb, transforming into a zombie and hunting down your former friends and allies?”

In other words, this sounds exactly as a real life zombie apocalypse would sound like. Which is absolutely awesome and I would totally love to see this brought to life and turned into a franchise with similar amusement parks spawned all over the world.

As I said, unfortunately, the project did not reach its goal on IndieGoGo. So we may never get to run around the streets dodging zombies…. until the real zombie apocalypse begins!

….but how about the next best thing – a zombie-themed escape room game! Escape Room Z is a printable escape room game that captures the theme of the apocalypse in a challenging puzzler that’s really quite enjoyable. I recommend it. You can read my playthrough of the game here.

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How to Zombie-Proof Your Home (Infographic)

I am sure that we all consider that we know the best way to zombie-proof our homes in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, but it’s always a good idea to have some specialist confirm that your ideas are good. This is the case of the Infographic below that shows the must-have elements of any anti-zombie house.

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It’s all pretty basic and I am sure that every fan of the zombie genre won’t be blown away with the recommendations, but then again there’s this much you can do when it comes to securing your home and making it zombie-proof. Check out the image below (click to enlarge):

It’s all easy, except for the land mines and concrete walls… but one zombie fan can only dream…

…though, what are you gonna do when you’re stuck inside your zombie-proof fortress? I’d recommend checking out Escape Room Z. It’s a printable escape room game that I played with my friends one game night, and I really enjoyed it. You can read all about our epic escape room adventure here.

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Zynga Use Zombies to Promote Zombie Swipeout iPhone Game

You’ve got to love it when a games company invests some thought in how to promote a product they’re about to launch and FarmVille-maker Zynga surely proved that they take things seriously. (photos below)

The company plans to launch an iPhone game, Zombie Swipeout, which is something like the popular Fruit Ninja game, but with zombies, which already makes it better in my opinion.

However, it’s not the game that I am here to discuss, but the way Zynga decided to promote it: they started by sending three zombies over at the offices of, having a box of Blood Pop ice cream. Amazing!

The costumes were also amazing, as well as the make-up. What makes it even better, if you live in Manhattan or San Francisco, is that you have a chance to see the zombies yourself because Zynga really gets serious when it comes to promotion. And coolness, clearly.

Check out the amazing photos of Zombies promoting Zombie Swipeout:

Image credit: Games blog

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Zombie Game: Which Celebrities Would Join You in a Zombie Apocalypse?

Well, if the zombie apocalypse will come right now and you would have to team up with some celebrities, probably they wouldn’t really be the celebrities you wanted (sorry, Chuck Norris fans!).

I have stumbled upon this great birthday game that tells you the team of celebrities you’d be part of in the case of a zombie apocalypse. Check out the image below to decide what your team would look like:

I would have a really hardcore team, actually, since my team of zombie apocalypse survivors would be with Olivia Benson, Kim Kardashian and Sephiroth.

What about you? How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

This fun little game could make a great ice-breaker for a zombie party. Of course, the main event would be Escape Room Z – the printable zombie escape room game that is absolutely thrilling! I played it for a game night one weekend with my friends, and we all loved it! Check out my game playthrough for yourself here.

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7 Absolutely Amazing Zombie… Cupcakes!

I am sure that not many of you considered pairing up the cute and tasty cupcakes with the world of zombies, but some people out there in the world did and the result is pretty impressive: these zombie cupcakes that I am going to share with you are absolutely amazing and deadly delicious.

These would be a perfect snack for any zombie party, especially if you pair them with Escape Room Z – a printable zombie escape room game. I’ve played it, and can honestly recommend it as the best zombie party game you can get. Check out my playthrough of the game here.

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So sit back and enjoy the gallery of certainly the most amazing zombie cupcakes in the world. 7 amazing zombie cupcakes!

Zombies Rising Cupcakes

Photo source

Hungry Zombie Cupcake


Zombie Survivor Cupcakes

Zombie Teddy Bears Cupcakes

The Rising Dead Cupcakes


Bloody Bones Cupcakes

Another Zombie Teddy Bear Cupcake

Did you enjoy these amazing zombie cupcakes? Then please share them with your friends so that they can enjoy them too!

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Zombie Invasion in Prague. Check Out the Photos!

Zombies have invaded Prague! It was not real zombies, obviously, but the fifth edition of the zombie parade that takes place every year in Prague, Czech Republic. This year, because of very poor weather conditions, there were just around 700 zombies present, but it was still a great show to watch.

The costumes were really great and I really loved how to zombies looked like, and I am sure you want to see for yourself a bit of the greatness of the Zombie Parade in Prague this year, so check out the photos below:

Now you know where yo go if you feel like seeing the live zombies yourself: in Prague, Czech Republic, on May 5th!

…or, just host a zombie party yourself. If you do, I recommend using Escape Room Z as the ‘main event’ – it’s an awesome printable escape room game that makes a perfect party game. I played it for a game night with my friends – you can read my review here.

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Map of the Dead: Google Maps for the Zombie Apocalypse

If it ever happens for the Zombie Apocalypse to hit, then you certainly want to have Map of the Dead bookmarked in order to access it quickly, as long as it is still possible.

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This application uses Google Maps and turns it into a Zombie Apocalypse map, outlining the danger zones (places you don’t want to be in when the zombies get back to life) as well as stores that would be of particular interest to you: gas stations, gun shops, grocery stores, pharmacy and so on. Basically, it’s a map that has the most important places in case of an apocalypse marked. Here’s an example of a bit of Map of the Dead:

Unfortunately, the map is far from being complete and probably the Zombie apocalypse will still catch it incomplete, but it’s better than nothing. Obviously, the US map is better filled with information – but mostly for the larger cities, but hopefully if people worldwide start updating it it will soon become a really useful compendium in case of a zombie apocalypse. Pretty fun.

If you’re curious to check out the Map of the Dead, hit the link and enjoy!

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Action Figures for the Zombie Fans: Incredible Hulk Zombie, Spiderman Zombie, Captain America Zombie

I don’t know if there could be any better gift for a zombie fan than any of these action figures (or all) showing our favorite Marvel superheroes zombified. Yes, we’re talking about zombie versions of the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman or Captain America. They’re gritty, they’re scary and they’re rotten. Amazing!

They’d look freakishly great sitting on your desk, or watching over your bed from your shelf… but they’d also make great little ornaments to theme-up the room for a zombie party. (Of course, if you’re having a zombie party, I highly recommend using Escape Room Z as your ‘main event’. It’s a printable zombie escape room game that is just super fun. You can read all about my experience with the game here.)

All these three zombie versions of the popular superheroes are available for purchase from Amazon and you can check them out by clicking on the links below. I also attached pictures to show you how incredible these zombie action figures are.

Zombie Incredible Hulk

Designed by Marvel Toys and sculpted by Dig Deep Entertainment, Zombie Hulk combines an endless hunger with decaying flesh as only a zombie can.

Zombie Spiderman

7-inch tall action figure features decaying flesh, exposed bone, and removable limbs.

Zombie Captain America

Decaying flesh, exposed bone and removable skullcap: this is Zombie Captain America!

Make sure you get these as the supply lasts! A perfect gift for you if you’re a zombie freak or for anybody who loves zombies (if he or she is also a Marvel fan, then you hit the Jackpot!)

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I Love the Walking Dead Poster

Everybody loves The Walking Dead – that’s something obvious judging just from the huge success the TV series is having, and everything related to The Walking Dead seems to be a hit.

Therefore, there should be no surprise to see that somebody decided to create an “I Love the Walking Dead” poster. Surprising is the fact that the Brazilian artist Gabriel Marques, who designed the poster, managed to do it flawlessly and created a truly amazing poster.

Check out the I Heart the Walking Dead poster below:

And there’s a bonus, another Walking Dead themed poster created by the same Gabriel Marques:

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more from him in the near future.

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Dani Baro’s Amazing Zombie House

Dani Baro is an amazing dude. In case you didn’t hear about him, he’s the one that decided to create his own anti-zombie or zombie survival house – he calls it the “anti zombie bunker” – in case something wrong happens. And even if it doesn’t that bunker looks like an amazing place to live in.

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His bunker is surrounded by a wall that’s three meters thick and had everything one would need in case a zombie apocalypse comes from ’round the corner: enough water, food and storage space for weapons to last a single human being for 6 months without having to leave the facility once. There’s also a tuned and tweaked truck ready to go bashing through the zombies, an emergency exit area, a yard for cultivating vegetables (and probably raising some animals), maps, radios and even a crematory to burn all those living dead that get too close. In other words, dude’s got everything inside!

I am completely fascinated by this project – Dani’s been working at his anti-zombies bunker for some time now and the project is still unfinished – and I really hope that some day he will manage to get it done. If he manages to bring in some solar power for electricity, I am sure that he’ll be the owner of a real gem, no matter if a zombie apocalypse kicks in.

Check out below some more images of the amazing anti-zombie bunker made by Dani Baro, somewhere near Barcelona, Spain:

The entrance of the anti-zombies bunker
Some of the food supplies in the kitchen
Water storage containers and the cool 4×4
More of the modified 4×4

What do you think about this anti-zombie house?

I know I for one would be sitting pretty inside, playing all the zombie games I could get my hands on!

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