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7 More Epic Books for Zombie Lovers

I’m back again! This time I also focused on standalone novels or, at most, brand new series, but I think it’s unjust to ignore new high quality releases just because they’re part of a series, so I’ll start sharing those with you in future posts. (oh yes, there’s more coming!)

So without further ado, here are seven more thrilling zombie tales for you to devour:

ARES Virus: Arctic Storm by John O’Brien


What would happen if a viral agent was released on American soil? How would local agencies react? How would the military respond? What if it was one of their own? Would they own it or attempt to cover it up? If a major operation was jeopardized because of the release, would that alter any of the decisions? Although it doesn’t feature traditional, brain eating walking deads, this goes as a zombie book in my notepad and I highly recommend it to you to. Click here to download and read it.

Amanda Carter in the L.A.Z., life after zombies by Jo Lee Auburne


A debuting author, but a very interesting read. In the LBZ, life before zombies, Amanda Carter had come to the city of Blythe, cbd delivery California, to pursue her passion of photography. When the media had first begun announcing reports of an infection that was turning people into zombies, Amanda was incredulous that such a thing was possible. The infection quickly spread. Cities were barricaded in an attempt to isolate the infection. But the measures put into place to protect the people were too late in coming. Societies, worldwide, collapsed and rapidly slid into chaos. Amanda Carter becomes one of the few survivors of this apocalyptic event. She must learn how to keep herself, and the others that she has teamed up with, safe. Click here to check it out.

Zombie Bite – Jade McCulloch


A slightly different take on the zombie genre. Check out the plot description below to see for yourself:

Three years ago the world I knew died along with everyone I cared about, everyone but Eli. Maybe I’m naïve, but I didn’t think I would ever lose Eli. I’ve always thought of him as a tough guy who could fend for himself, but that all changed the day I brought back infected survivors. When one of them became a “zombie”, I realized that I couldn’t just sit back and watch Eli die. I convince Eli to join me on the search for a dental studio who claims to have a cure. Does the cure exist or will we die chasing it?

Sounds really interesting, right? Well, unfortunately, you can’t get it on Amazon, so you’ll have to get creative to see how this one ends!

The Survivors of Bastion by Will Hawthorne


This is my type of post-apocalyptic zombie book! After a lethal virus wipes out more than 99.8% of the world’s population, the remaining survivors who are immune from the disease set up small communities in order to survive and thrive. It’s a fast paced, interesting read which zombie fiction lovers will totally dig… if they can find it… because it’s also not available on Amazon.

No Zombies Please We Are British by Alex Laybourne


I really like reading zombie novels that are not always set in the US. It requires for a different approach – especially since firearms are not readily available everywhere, and this novel from Alex Laybourne, known for Diaries of the Damned by zombie fans, delivers:

Trapped in his apartment building, Jack knows that riding out the zombie apocalypse inside is not an option. Especially when his girlfriend is trapped in the city. Jack knows it is a fool’s errand, but he has to try. In a terrifying journey across London, Jack finds that the entire city has fallen. The dead are waiting around every corner, but even in the first days of the apocalypse, it is not only the dead that pose a threat.

A good read for the weekend, so click here to check it out.

The Week of the Dead by Viktor Longfellow


Hordes of humans begin emerging from rivers and oceans all over the world. They’re strange. They’re feral. They’re hungry. After Devin’s boss gets infected by one of the zombies, Devin realizes he’s probably out of a job. He and his coworker Erica go on the run, staying one step ahead of the masses of zombies hungering for human flesh. Meanwhile, Philadelphia native Mr. Harrison knows how horrible the day will be—just like every other day in his empty life. But, he thinks as he prepares to overdose on prescription medication, it will all be over soon. He’s wrong. Who knew a zombie apocalypse would give him something to live for?

A surprisingly good debut zombie novel, one written with wit and passion: a fun, extensive read. You’ll love it, so give it a try by clicking here.

Unrest by Nathaniel Reed


A typical day at school becomes a fight for survival when a group of college students find themselves under attack by something that is turning fellow students into zombies. But getting out of school is just the beginning. The road to safety is a long and painful one that could cost them and their loved ones dearly. Fast paced and pretty interesting, you can check out this novel here.

Did we miss any good zombie novels? Let us know by commenting below!

Need a break from reading? Try a printable zombie escape room game – Escape Room Z! I gave it a shot, and I really recommend it. You can read my playthrough of the game here.

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Zombie Movies You'll Wanna CRUSH

The Best Ever Zombie TV Series to Watch Right Now (on Netflix)

While it is true that most of the zombie movies out there are low quality, low budget flicks with just a few real gems here and there, the same can’t be said about zombie TV series.

We have at least several extremely good zombie series you can watch on TV or, even better, on Netflix and we are here to share the titles and details with you. Who knows? Maybe you have missed one or more already and you get new ideas on what to binge watch next.

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So without further ado, here are the best ever zombie TV series you should watch right now (in no particular order):

Dead Set

01 dead set

I wrote about this amazing mini series a little while ago and I consider it the best hidden gem when it comes to zombie TV series. Made before big shows like the Walking Dead, this one delivered unexpected high quality, an extremely solid plot and a great cast. You might have not heard much about this one, but it’s a must to watch it even if you’re just remotely (or maybe not at all) interested in the zombies!

The Walking Dead

02 the walking dead

This is probably the best know TV series out there and, even though I stopped watching it a good while ago, I can understand that many people still consider it amazing. If that’s the case, don’t forget that you also have a spin off to watch, Fear the Walking Dead.

Z Nation

I like to consider this the little brother of The Walking Dead. I still prefer it, even though it does have its moments that make me want to stop watching. But, hey, it’s got zombies, a good cast and a lot of crazy things happening, so I’ll keep watching this!

Highschool of the Dead

03 high school of the dead

If animation is your thing, then you might just love Highschool of the Dead. The series follows a group of high school students trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. It’s Japanese animation, so expect to be surprised!

[quads id=2]


I absolutely loathe movies where zombies are shown as “human” or they try to reintegrate them back into society, but I am happy that I gave iZombie a chance. Although clearly not your typical zombie series, it is fun to watch and I love it so far. So give it a try, even though it’s not all blood and gore.

The Returned

04 the returned

Another zombie series that’s not your typical zombie series. It does have people returning from the dead, so we can call them zombies, but it’s higher minded than the rest. Give it a try and see if that’s what you like – but be cautious because it appears that the series has already been cancelled after the first season.


05 helix

Although it’s not technically zombies that we’re talking about in this movie, it’s really close to that. The infected are scary and hungry and this series will offer a ton of scares and great moments constantly. I highly recommend it, one of my favorites on this list!

As you can see, there are a few big budget, big names on our list of the best zombie series you can watch right now, but I am sure nobody would mind if even more and better series would pop up. There’s clearly an audience for that and we can only hope that the next few years will feed up more zombies.

Do you like watching a zombie TV series that’s not on this list? Let us know by sharing a comment below!

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The Best Zombie iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S Cases

As a fan of anything zombie, I must be ready to always have some amazing zombie-related items on me. And since I’m always carrying around my phone, it’s a no brainer to have a cool zombie case for it. And if you feel that you could use an upgrade of your case and feature a cool zombie case for your phone too, I’ve got you covered with the best zombie iPhone 6 cases and the best zombie iPhone 6s cases (because, well, they work on both!).

I have chosen only cases that not only look good, but actually protect your phone from drops and other problems. Because, zombie apocalypse or not, you don’t want to walk around with a broken phone. So without further ado, let’s check out below the best zombie cases for iPhone 6 and 6S!

Zombie Outbreak Response Team Case

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 01

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Want Your Brains Zombie Wallet Case

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 02

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Keep Calm and Kill Zombies Case

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 05

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Pin Up Zombie Leather Wallet Case

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 07

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Zombie Hands Doctor Who Case

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 08

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Zombie Attack iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S Wooden Case

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 10

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Zombie attack Leather Flip Case

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 11

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Zombie OutBreak Response Team Green

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 12

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Zombie Aftermath Case

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 14

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Zombie Tactical Elimination Team

best zombie cases iphone 6 6s 15

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Yup, these are some really amazing cases for the iPhone 6 and 6S and every zombie fan will love them. It’s hard to decide to get just one, but you have to. Which one will it be, though?

Zombie Books & Killer Reading

The 8 Best Books for Zombie Fans

I think that you are, just like me, a huge fan of zombie fiction. One great thing about this addiction is that we have enough authors who are constantly producing zombie novels to satisfy our needs for zombies. Even better is the fact that zombie fiction is getting better and better each year, with extremely talented writers debuting or switching to this genre. 

I know that finding good zombie novels to read – especially new ones from relatively unknown authors (but also well established ones) – is difficult and, if you are like me, you have probably spent more than once some money on crappy books. Well, that should no longer be the case as I am here to share with you the best of the best and we’re starting our recommendations with eight great books for zombie fans. So let’s not waste any time!

Ghost Run – J.L. Bourne

best zombie books of july 2016 01

The most popular entry on our list for sure, this is the fourth book of a well known and beloved series (the Day by Day Armageddon series). Day by Day Armageddon: Ghost Run continues the story of the previous books in the series, meaning that if you haven’t read the previous ones, you might have some trouble with some of the elements – but trust me, it’s worth catching up with the story! Here’s what happens in Ghost Run:

In a desperate bid to survive as hordes of bloodthirsty undead now dominate the ravaged U.S. population, a Navy commander discovers an incredible secret about the pandemic in this fourth novel in the acclaimed Day by Day Armageddon series.

Task Force Phoenix may be humanity’s final hope, and the narrator’s agonizing decisions could mean living one more day—or surrendering to the eternal hell that exists between life and death.

Click here to purchase Ghost Run by J.L. Bourne on Amazon (Kindle or Paperback)

Beyond the Barriers: Ghouls – Timothy W. Long

best zombie books of july 2016 02

You probably know Timothy W. Long’s work already, as we produced some great zombie books like the Z-Risen series (bonus: a free copy of Z-Risen: Outbreak is included in this book, so you’re shooting two rabbits with a single, inexpensive purchase). Set in the same world, Beyond the Barriers: Ghouls tells a great story and keeps you entertained from the first page to the last. Action-packed, smartly written and following a line I personally love in zombie novels, this book won’t disappoint! Here’s a synopsis:

Erik Tragger had managed to survive a world gone mad. With a truck full of refugees, escapees from the ghoul camp he helped burn to the ground, he searches for his scattered friends. When word reaches him of Katherine’s last known location, he sets off in pursuit.

Surviving will not be easy. The cities have been overrun by the dead and there are few people he can trust. Upon stumbling on a horrifying location that may lead him to Katherine, he becomes trapped, with little hope of escape. Lucky for Erik there are two men who may be able to help. Jackson Creed, and Joel Kelly.

Click here to purchase Beyond the Barriers: Ghouls by Timothy W. Long on Amazon

Dawn of the Apocalypse – TW Gallier

best zombie books of july 2016 03

Gallier is a relatively new author of zombie fiction, but he already managed to create a great post-apocalyptic universe in his Total Apoc series. This book takes place in the same universe, and is an action-packed adventure through the undead hordes. Fast paced, well written and totally enjoyable! Here’s the short story:

Roger Gilley is an ex-Airborne soldier on a business trip to Washington, DC when a combination terrorist/rogue nation attack is launched against the US. America is hit with a double whammy of nukes and bio-agents. The nation’s anti-missile defense shield stops most of the ICBMs, but no system is perfect.

The bio-agent proves insidious and spreads fast. By morning hordes of enraged “infected” swarm across the land. Roger is desperate to get home to his wife, Jenny, and their pre-teen children. Finding himself more than halfway across the country, Roger begins his long, arduous journey home to his family. Two other ex-soldiers join him to escape the suddenly tyrannical Feds. Roger, Mike, and Charlie have no idea the hell America has become until they face the roaming savages and insatiable zombies wandering the land.

Click here to purchase Dawn of the Apocalypse by TW Gallier on Amazon

Black Virus – Bobby Adair

best zombie books of july 2016 04

Bobby Adair is best known for his Slow Burn series (which is a truly epic experience!), so his fans should know what to expect from Black Virus. This is the first book of a new series that shows a lot of promise and it deals with one of the most enjoyable moments for zombie fiction readers: the beginning of the z-apocalypse.

Alienated in a world where he doesn’t fit in, Christian Black survives because he’s different. Then the virus came, and made the world turn different, too.

Now people are dying by the million. Food supplies are short. Riots are blazing through the streets, and Christian’s only goal is to keep his family alive. But safety lies far from the city, and just getting out will be tougher than anyone knows.

Click here to purchase Black Virus by Bobby Adair on Amazon

Counter-Zombie Warfare – Jason A Beauchemin

best zombie books of july 2016 05

If you like the military aspects of a potential zombie apocalypse, Beauchemin’s debut novel’s got you covered and comes with a treat: Counter-Zombie Warfare brings an interesting story to the genre, a military presence that tries to cover up the whole thing. Intense, gritty and clearly written by somebody with solid military backgrounds, this is a great debut novel from an author we’ll hopefully hear more about! Here’s the book’s plot:

Life isn’t easy for counter-zombie troops. The undead take some getting used to. Regardless of who zombies were before… men, women, children… they’re all disease-spreading cannibal corpses now. The only cure is two bullets to the brain. Zombie outbreaks occur all the time all over the world. Deployments are nonstop. Downtime is almost a fairy tale. They can only truly relate to each other and their fellow troops disappear way too often. Some get transferred or discharged. Some get killed in action. Some die by their own hand. But the zombie apocalypse is real.

Click here to purchase Counter-Zombie Warfare by Jason A Beauchemin on Amazon

The Harbinger – Keegan Kennedy

best zombie books of july 2016 06

An interesting read that starts a bit slow but builds up quickly into an epic read, it tells the “virus” story really nicely and with some fresh ideas in the genre. Here’s how things stand in the book:

Primarily set in the American city of Memphis, four loosely-connected strangers, caught up in their lives, find their worlds annihilated by the swiftly-moving plague.
Alex Connelly is a wealthy, young executive, living an idyllic life with his pregnant wife, Madison. Kirk Foster is a self-absorbed aging gay man, desperate to hang onto his youth and sex appeal. Meredith Brinkley’s on-going war with breast cancer takes a turn for the worse, and she faces an impending double mastectomy. Logan King is a closeted baseball jock, playing for a minor league team while coming to terms with his true identity. And only together will they survive…

Click here to purchase The Harbinger by Keegan Kennedy on Amazon

The Enduring: Stories of Surviving the Apocalypse – Nicholas Ryan

best zombie books of july 2016 07

A bit of World War Z in terms of approach, this one’s another great read that tells the stories of various people after the zombie apocalypse. A must read! Here’s the book’s synopsis:

America’s rise from the horror of the Apocalypse is the stories of her survivors; the men and women who refused to submit, the stoic determination of a proud resilient people who stood fast and fought back in isolated pockets and in small bands until the undead were purged from the world. These are the stories of America’s real heroes who won back the land from the infected, and never gave up hope.

Click here to purchase The Enduring: Stories of Surviving the Apocalypse by Nicholas Ryan on Amazon.

Quarantined: Graphic Novel – Michael Moreci & Monty Borror

best zombie books of july 2016 08

Although I am, strangely, not a huge fan of comics and graphic novels, I think that some of our readers are. If that’s your case or you simply want to try out a new take on the genre, read Quarantined: a graphic novel written by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Monty Borror, telling a nice story. Make sure that you look inside the book before purchasing to make sure that the illustrations fit your style. And now here’s the plot:

In a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a virus turns nearly every resident into a vicious killing machine. A group of uninfected is trapped within the town, abandoned with dwindling resources. These survivors must fight against the infected, as well as the paranoia growing between them. Sparked by a mysterious stranger, the survivors dig into the town’s secrets as they hatch their escape—yet none of them are prepared for what they discover.

Just be warned, this one isn’t on Amazon, so it may take a bit of digging to find it.

Of course, these are just my suggestions. I hope you will enjoy them all and don’t forget to share with us any title that you love!

Don’t read yourself into exhaustion though, maybe take a break to have a little adventure with other people. I recommend trying Escape Room Z – it’s a printable zombie escape room game that is surprisingly fun. You can read my playthrough of the game here.

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Zombie Movies You'll Wanna CRUSH

ZomBOOBIES Movie: Something Only Japan Can Make

I’ve had my fair share of crappy zombie movies that I watched throughout the years, just like any regular zombie fan, but ZomBOOBIES seems to be the king and queen (and unborn price) of crappy zombie movies. Of course, it’s made in Japan, the country where everything can be brought to life in terms of entertainment and that kills some of the WOW factor, but still it looks like the crappiest movie of the year.

ZomBOOBIES tells the story of a zombie invasion – with the walking dead being obviously more interested in boobs than brains (like all modern males nowadays, actually), with inflating breasts and in-and-out action (I am referring here to blades). Check out the trailer to see the entire crappiness of ZomBOOBIES:

And I thought that when I heard about ‘Zombie Ass movie’, I’ve heard (and seen) the ultimate low in the genre…

Merch For The Stash

Anti Zombie Weapons to Own in Case of a Zombie Apocalypse

There are huge debates everywhere regarding the best weapon of choice during a zombie apocalypse and the truth is that there will never be a consensus. But I am sure that most of the people would agree that the anti-zombie weapons that I found and I am going to share with you below would make a great choice in any circumstance.

[quads id=1]

So check out some amazing zombie apocalypse weapons below – and if you do, then consider checking out the anti-zombie cars I shared with you a few days ago, to complete your zombie apocalypse survival “guide”.

I agree that some of these weapons seem to come out from a comic book, but they’re pretty impressive anyway!

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Zombie Apocaplypse Cars: Some Really Great Anti-Zombie Trucks

When the zombie apocalypse strikes, it will come a time when you’ll have to leave your home/bunker/safe spot and head into the wild. By then, most likely, the zombie horde will be huge and you will need a strong vehicle to make your way through the brain eating creatures.

[quads id=1]

I did some research and found out that people are indeed ready for a zombie apocalypse and there are a ton of anti-zombie cars out there, amazing and impressive. You can check out the photos below and use them as inspiration – or maybe as a reason to call Ford and ask them to make you one zombie apocalypse truck too.

So here are the zombie apocalypse cars that would prove to be really useful for survival:

Which of these cares is your favorite?

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Zombie Photoshoots that Spook

Zombie Walk in Frankfurt: Photos

Every year in Frankfurt the Zombie Walk is held to allow those who love zombies to either dress up like them or watch some really well made costumes, all highlighting the beauty of the zombie concept. Check out it!

So here are some incredible pictures from the Zombie Walk 2012 in Frankfurt:

I never got the chance to go to a zombie parade, but I surely hope it will happen as soon as possible since it looks incredibly fun!

But you don’t need to wait for a parade, you could dress up and host a zombie party yourself. Escape Room Z is a printable escape room game that makes the perfect ‘main event’ for a zombie party or game night. It’s a lot of fun, and I really recommend giving it a go. You can read my playthrough of the game here.

Photos via Facebook and… Facebook!

Merch For The Stash

Z World Detroit: A Post-Apocalyptic Amusement Park

I just heard about this idea and I must admit that I find it extremely interesting: a bunch of people were trying to revitalize a huge abandoned area in Detroit with… zombies!

[quads id=1]

The project they had in mind was called Z World Detroit and wants to give birth to a post-apocalyptic zombie amusement park like no other: instead of going on joy rides and scare houses, you will actually have to spend a night there trying to survive the zombie apocalypse together with your friends and strangers. And the concept is absolutely amazing.

Here’s a bit of the description of the, unfortunately failed, Z World Detroit:

“You, your friends and hundreds of others have survived the zombie apocalypse. You enter an enclosed urban landscape where a small, but growing, group of zombies is unleashed. How long can you last? Can you make it to morning? Can you find the needed supplies to survive? Will your hideout be overrun by zombies, forcing you to flee? Will you find refuge in an abandoned house? In an old store? In a hulking old factory? Will you be separated from the rest of your group and be forced to run solo? Will you join up with another group of survivors? Will you ultimately succumb, transforming into a zombie and hunting down your former friends and allies?”

In other words, this sounds exactly as a real life zombie apocalypse would sound like. Which is absolutely awesome and I would totally love to see this brought to life and turned into a franchise with similar amusement parks spawned all over the world.

As I said, unfortunately, the project did not reach its goal on IndieGoGo. So we may never get to run around the streets dodging zombies…. until the real zombie apocalypse begins!

….but how about the next best thing – a zombie-themed escape room game! Escape Room Z is a printable escape room game that captures the theme of the apocalypse in a challenging puzzler that’s really quite enjoyable. I recommend it. You can read my playthrough of the game here.

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Zombie Movies You'll Wanna CRUSH

Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer Brings Up the Action

Just like the video game series, the Resident Evil movie series doesn’t seem to be one that is willing to offer us an end of the zombie epidemic and the Umbrella corporation. Which is not necessarily a bad thing because we get to see a bit more of Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez, who is one of my favorite actresses.

All in the new Resident Evil: Retribution flick that seems to continue the saga without being able to put an end to it. Well… as long as Milla and Michelle are in it, I will not complain. Especially since the movie itself is absolutely action-packed!

So what do you think about Resident Evil: Retribution?