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Best Place for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: the Mountains

When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, our initial survival will depend on many factors BUT one: our choice. We don’t really know when will it hit and most of us will probably not be prepared for it. Still, if we manage to survive the initial outbreak – or we’re able to outrun then, we have a choice: where to survive the zombie apocalypse?

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In this article, I will share with you my opinion on the best place for surviving the zombie apocalypse: the Mountains. This is, in my opinion, the best area because of one important factor: it’s scarcely populated. This is an extremely important thing because you want to keep the potential zombie numbers as low as possible. There are other reasons why the mountains are the best place for surviving the zombie apocalypse (and basically most types of end of the world scenarios) and we’re going to find out more below:

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Main advantages of surviving in the mountains

As is said, the mountains are scarcely populated areas and will have little people and Zombies. The threat of Zombies walking into the mountains is minimal, because Zombies always take the road of minimal resistance, meaning: downwards, unless they have a reason to take on a different road.

Furthermore, if you are in steep mountain areas, it might be that you will already have trouble climbing it! Imagine a Zombie trying to climb a steep rocky area! It will most likely not succeed, so the mountains will be relatively safe.

Great shelter in the mountains
Great shelter in the mountains

Being high up in the mountains gives you a great view of what is happening around you. You can see hordes of Zombies coming from afar and maybe spot other survivors down the mountain. Keep in mind that Zombies will be able to see you as well. Keep a low profile and don’t make any light during the night (unless you’re freezing cold and it’s a matter of survival!).

The best kind of mountain you would want to have are Alpine meadows. Alpine meadows are great for keeping animals and agriculture and would make it even easier for you when it comes to surviving. But if you can’t choose the area, just climb up and figure it out later!

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Water will also be no problem: most likely there is a river from melting ice down the slope. Or there could be ice which you can melt and drink as fresh water. Most of the time there are forests in the mountains from which you can get food, wood and other resources. Further up in the rocky areas could be more useful resources.

Wildlife will also be richly available. If you are lucky, there will be herds of sheep or goats on the meadows. Don’t try to kill them, catch them and put them in a large area surrounded by a strong fence. These animals will keep you fed and alive for a long time, so protect them at all cost.

There is also a possibility that there are smaller settlements up in the mountains which will have stayed clean from the Apocalypse. This could mean that there is a safe community from which you can rebuild and live peacefully. A community like this is most of the time self sustaining and can easily be upgraded into a strong base using the natural resources. Be sure to check out what kind of people live in the settlement before exposing yourself as you should always do when encountering survivors. They could be raiders, so be cautious!

But if they’re not, you’ve just landed yourself a safe, isolated community to weather the apocalypse in! Woohoo! Spending far less time worrying about whether you’ll survive the day means you can spend more time playing games with your new friends. I’d recommend giving Escape Room Z a try. It’s a printable escape room game that is perfect for a party. Check out my playthrough of the game here.

Disadvantages of surviving in the mountains

If there is a mountain next to a large city or settlement, the chances will be that its inhabitants will flee into the mountains for the reasons listed above. This is will cause a great threat, because many Zombies will and follow these fleeing people and lure them in the mountains. This could pose a great threat when trying to survive. Always try to go to a mountain far away from civilization.

In all of the world, it will be hard to find guns in the scarcely populated areas in the mountains unless there is an army base in the mountains which will be stacked with guns (or if you’re not living in the US). This could be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. A gun is great for protection, but will lure many Zombies towards you, because sounds travels far in the mountains. Also when encountering other survivors in the mountains, if both survivors do not have a gun they are more likely to work together to survive. They will be on equal terms.

It could be very cold in the mountains so make sure you create a well isolated base. Remember to not have any fires at night, because this could attract the Zombies. Instead, you could make some kind of shelter and try to catch sheep or goats. These animals will breathe out warm air, so if you have enough animals in your shelter it will get warmer. They might stink a little, but it is better to stink than to turn into a zombie!

Wildlife can be hunted, but it can also hunt you. Watch out for bears, mountain lions etc. This however depends on where you decide to survive. If you do manage to kill one they can be a valuable resource. Their fur is warm as clothes or blankets. And make you look scary as well – the ultimate zombie survival man!

Jokes aside, I do believe that the best place for surviving the zombie apocalypse is up there in the mountains. Do you agree with my view on things? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Zombie Books & Killer Reading

Even More Epic Zombie Books for Avid Adventurers

When selecting the books, I look at brand new titles launched for Kindle (they might also be available in paperback), as well as any of your suggestions.

So without further ado, let’s check out this brainalicious selection!

Zombie Fallout 10: Those Left Behind – Mark Tufo

best new zombie books february 2017 - 01

The final book in the iconic Zombie Fallout series is out and you have to read it. Even more, if you somehow missed the series or ignored it, start from scratch and go through all the books in the series. It’s 10 of them, but you’ll love them as they have humor, horror, zombies and all the goodies in between. A beautiful conclusion to an epic series!

Click here to get the book and start reading now.

UNDEAD UK: Hunting The Dead – Rob Lopez

best new zombie books february 2017 - 02

Breht is a lone hunter in an urban wilderness of zombies. The undead are his prey and he’s learned their ways – learned to survive amongst them. Dispatching them to their final rest, he sells their possessions at isolated settlements, then moves on. When he encounters a teenage girl on the run from a settlement, he is caught in a dilemma. Without him, she won’t last a day. But if he agrees to help her, he’ll not only break the solitude he craves. He’ll provoke deadly new enemies who’d like nothing better than to see him dead.

A fast paced, rather short novel coming from England and Rob Lopez in the underrated Undead UK series. Click here to get this book now.

Q Island – Russell James

best new zombie books february 2017 - 03

An ancient virus has surfaced on Long Island, NY, turning its victims into black-veined, infectious, psychopathic killers. Chaos and madness rule. In desperation, the military quarantines the island, trapping Melanie Bailey and her autistic son Aiden. Somehow Aiden survives infection. He could be the key to a cure… if Melanie can get him to the mainland.

A fast paced read with enough plot twists that I am sure you will love. It doesn’t feature traditional zombies (as in walking-deads) but I think we can agree to use this term for the infected. In the end, it’s entertaining reading that matters and this is what this novel delivers.

Click here to get this book and start reading now.

State of Grace – M. Lauryl Lewis

best new zombie books february 2017 - 04

I’ve been following the series so far and I am happy to see the sixth novel launched. It was a long wait, but it’s totally worth it as I consider this series to be pure gold for zombie fans. I’m sure you’ll agree with me!

Living on Mt. Rainier, Gus and Zoe are faced with a tough decision; stay and face starvation, or leave and face the dead that wait lower in elevation. The group will encounter new dangers and struggle to find themselves and each other again. The dead are more ruthless than ever, and the living more desperate. Natural disasters, a new threat from the dead, and tragic losses will either break Zoe and Gus apart or drive them closer together.

Click here to get this book and start reading now

Morbid Hearts – Susanne L. Lambdin

best new zombie books february 2017 - 05

A brand new series is born with Morbid Hearts and this looks like one we’ll love reading from now on. Here’s how things stand in this interesting zombie novel:

It’s been eleven months since a deadly virus wiped out billions. For the few who remain, life as they knew it is over. Nations fell, governments were rendered obsolete, and resources became scarce. The human race had to start over, facing even greater odds… ZOMBIES!

Unfortunately, this book isn’t available on amazon, but if you can find it, totally pick it up for a good read!

The Frenzy Series Box Set – Casey L. Bond

best new zombie books february 2017 - 06

After the world was ravaged by a viral apocalypse, Blackwater is one of the only colonies that remains. The survivors came together to create this safe haven. Nestled between a fierce river and a city’s flood wall, the well-being of its residents hangs on a long-established treaty with the night-walkers. Sounds simple enough, but lately, the people of Blackwater have been dying, and the humans believe the night-walkers are to blame.

This is a nice treat for fans of the The Frenzy series containing all 6 books released in the past. If you read them all, then there’s no need to get this box set since it brings nothing new. But if you haven’t read any of the books in this series, you’re getting a great deal here. It’s more vampires than zombies, but I won’t spoil the treat for you!

Click here to get this box set today.

Host Manipulation – Deborah Diebert

best new zombie books february 2017 - 07

Rabies, from the Latin word rabere, “to rave” is the deadliest virus known in the world and the truest form of host manipulation. Once infected, the virus controls the hosts. They develop a fear of water and moving air and become sensitive to bright light. The virus lives in the salivary glands, and in order to spread to another host, it manipulates the host into becoming an aggressive creature. Left untreated, rabies is almost universally fatal… until it isn’t.

A really good debut novel that will keep you hooked from page one… if you can find it. Amazon has taken this book down, and it’s getting more difficult to track down…

The Violinist – Barry Slater

best new zombie books february 2017 - 08

A concert violinist, a yoga instructor, a doctor, and a Hollywood pyrotechnician are holed up in a house built like a castle. The quartet are fighting for their lives in the prophesied zombie apocalypse. As the group fights for survival, they develop unorthodox ways of overcoming the relentless waves of living dead. Bringing their skills to the fight, the motley crew overcome their losses to become a tight knit family in the midst of death and destruction. In an all-out battle, they put their skills to the test and discover how it is possible for a corpse to rise from the dead.

A nice, quick read that adds some elements to the zombie genre that haven’t been used a lot, which is always good. So click here to give it a read.


Eight entries should be enough to keep you busy, especially since there’s a box set involved and other series’ that you might have not read so far. Enjoy!

Need more epic zombie adventure? Why not leave your book nook and play a zombie-themed escape room game? (Don’t worry, it’s printable, so you don’t have to leave the house). I tested out Escape Room Z for you, and it’s a bunch of fun! You can read my playthrough here.

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Zombie Photoshoots that Spook

Zombie Survival Vehicles: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in Style

A few years ago, I shared with you a bunch of zombie survival vehicles. Those heavily armored cars, though, are aimed at bashing zombies and making for a quick escape during the zombie apocalypse.

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But what if you don’t really have all those armor platings and huge trucks around? What if you only have an abandoned taxi or maybe a small three-wheeled drive? Well, you can turn anything into an amazing zombie survival vehicle and today I managed to come by some amazing concepts created by Donal O’Keeffe!

These 3-D rendered concepts are absolutely amazing for any zombie fan out there – and probably all post-apocalyptic fans too as they manage to capture everything that’s great (and not so great) about this whole apocalypse thing. And the interesting thing is that I do believe that most of these zombie survival vehicles would actually work more or less during a real zombie apocalypse, so why not check them out below and make plans to zombie-proof your next vehicle?

Zombie Survival Police Car


Zombie Survival Rickshaw


Zombie Survival Taxi


Zombie Survival Van


Zombie Survial Sedan


Zombie Survival Bus


It’s really interesting to see how the creator of these designs thought about all important aspects: safety, armor, living areas and storage and made the most out of the limited amount of space each vehicle offers. Of course, it would be best if a zombie apocalypse ever happened, to never jump in a rickshaw in the first place – but if your options are limited, you can turn almost any vehicle into a solid anti-zombie vehicle. Or at least make them better and you now have some great designs for inspiration.

Which of the images above is your favorite anti zombie vehicle?

Image source: (now defunct).

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Featured Zombie Movies You'll Wanna CRUSH

These Are the Best Zombie Movies EVER

You can’t have a blog about zombies without featuring a list of the best zombie movies ever made. However, since all the other zombie blogs have this list and it’s pretty much the same everywhere, I was reluctant to quickly making it happen. But today is the big day when you might find yourself one or more great new zombie flicks to watch.

And while you’re watching, why not make an event of it? I found these awesome DIY cemetery decorations that would be right at home in any zombie movie watch party!

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It’s time to check out Anything Zombie’s best zombie movies EVER list – and I will make sure to add to it as new movies are released. Don’t forget to add your own choices at the end of the article by sharing a comment and let me know what you think about my picks (which are in a random order, not from the best to the worst or vice-versa).

Also read: The Best Ever Zombie TV Series (you can watch on Netflix, for example) – you’ll love them!

Busanhaeng / Train to Busan


While a zombie-virus breaks out in South Korea, a couple of passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan. This is the most recent movie on this list (launched in 2016) but I am sure it has what it takes to become a cult movie. If you love zombie flicks, by all means, watch this one!

Click here to watch the movie now

Dawn of the Dead (2004)


A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman, and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall. The Movie is full of humor and fast gut ripping Zombies. This is also a remake of one of the best known zombie movies and THE zombie movie that made me a fan – the original Dawn of the Dead, released in 1978.

Click here to watch the movie now

I am Legend


Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure. This movie is technically about Zombies, but a mix between Zombies and Vampires I think. It does give the same feeling and thrill that a Zombie movie does and surviving in an infected world.

Click here to watch the movie now

Shaun of the Dead


A man decides to turn his moribund life around by winning back his ex-girlfriend, reconciling his relationship with his mother, and dealing with an entire community that has returned from the dead to eat the living. A fun movie with lots of humor – probably the first of its kind to try a completely different approach to the genre and definitely the movie that put Simon Pegg on our radars.

Click here to watch the movie now



A shy student trying to reach his family in Ohio, and a gun-toting tough guy trying to find the Last Twinkie and a pair of sisters trying to get to an amusement park join forces to travel across a zombie-filled America. Famous for its Zombie survival rules which you can check out here as well.

Click here to watch the movie now

28 Days Later


Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary. Even though not just as good, 28 Weeks Later is worth mentioning as well!

Click here to watch the movie now

Dawn of the Dead (1978)


Following an ever-growing epidemic of zombies that have risen from the dead, two Philadelphia S.W.A.T. team members, a traffic reporter, and his television executive girlfriend seek refuge in a secluded shopping mall. As I said already, this is the movie that made me love anything zombie and I will always hold it dear to my hear!

Click here to watch the movie now

Planet Terror


After an experimental bio-weapon is released, turning thousands into zombie-like creatures, it’s up to a rag-tag group of survivors to stop the infected and those behind its release. Robert Rodriguez at its best!

Click here to watch the movie now



A psychological thriller in which a deadly virus infects a small Ontario town. Probably the hidden gem on this list – a must watch title!

Click here to watch the movie now

La Horde


An end of the world battle between gangsters, cops and zombies, with an unlikely alliance forming. Check out this movie for an European take on the genre – one that has all the gore and fun we want from zombie movies!

Click here to watch the movie now

Versus (2000)


There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side. These are concealed from all human beings. Somewhere in Japan exists the 444th portal…. The forest of resurrection. Have in mind that this movie had a budget of $10,000… and still managed to deliver more than many higher budget zombie flicks out there (but don’t expect the world from it!)

Click here to watch the movie now



A mysterious virus hits an isolated elementary school, transforming the kids into a feral swarm of mass savages. An unlikely hero must lead a motley band of teachers in the fight of their lives. Highly underrated Zombie flick starring Elijah Wood!

Click here to watch the movie now



A talented mechanic prepares to battle his way through hordes of flesh-eating monsters after his sister is kidnapped on the eve of a zombie apocalypse. It’s basically Mad Max with zombies, so there’s nothing you can’t like about it!

Click here to watch the movie now

And this would be my list of the best ever Zombie movies. Probably the older folks here will frown upon not seeing the classic zombie movies listed… but should feel free to list them in the comment section below. This list can only grow bigger and better from here on!

After you’ve finished binge-watching your favorite zombie movies, why not try a printable zombie escape room game – Escape Room Z! I’ve tested it for you, and can confidently give it the thumbs-up. Read my playthrough of the game here.

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Zombie Movies You'll Wanna CRUSH

The 33 Rules of Zombieland: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Here at Anything Zombie, we want to prepare you for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Therefore, we watched Zombieland 33 times to make sure we understood Columbus’s 33 rules for survival when the zombies attack. Columbus comes up with these rules to keep himself and his companions safe while trekking across the country. Because they work, we’ve gathered them all here in one place for you.

We explored every nuance of the film and distilled it to this list, expanding on the rules with helpful suggestions. While you may want to watch the film, once, twice, or even three times – reading, memorizing, and living this list will keep you safe.

These rules offer practical guidelines.

In the apocalypse, nobody has time for uselessly vague rules like “follow your passion,” “lead with your heart,” or “put your best foot forward.” Consider this a crash-course in zombie survival – with training on conditioning, safety, and knowing who you can trust. We only offer practical advice, such as the proper way to execute a zombie, staying focused, and changing your underwear.

Post these rules on your bathroom mirror. Memorize them. Make sure you can execute them. Have your zombie go-bag packed. When the apocalypse hits, remember the rules. They may save your life.

Rule #1: Cardio

The faster you run, the further away you can be from a zombie.

Most zombies are slow, but there’s a whole lot of them to run from. Plus, you may find yourself needing to outsprint a faster zombie, or even the dreaded zombie dog! If you can’t be faster than the zombies, at least be faster than your friends. Log some miles and run some sprints. Your life depends on it!


Rule #2: The Double Tap

Never assume a zombie is dead.

Always make sure with a clean shot to the brain. But stay out of arm’s reach as you execute the double-tap. You don’t want a zombie’s hand on your ankle as you shoot. It may throw off your aim and mess up your pants leg.

Rule #3: Beware of Bathrooms

Zombies can be sneaky.

Always be cautious when entering the “facilities”. They like to sit on the basin with their feet on the bowl, waiting to grab you as you open the door or stand at the sink. Make sure the restroom is clear. Better yet, use a tree outside.

BONUS Rule: Remember To Have Fun

At some point, you look forward to a zombie-free life, or at least a break.

You need to remember how to have fun without twitching at every noise. Escape Room Z is the best way for you and your buddies to unwind after a long day of escaping zombies. It also gives you a low energy way to improve your anti-zombie skills. (We played Escape Room Z and had a blast! Check out my review)

Escape room Z kit

Rule #4: Wear Your Seatbelt

There will already be enough to worry about, with the living dead running around.

Make sure you’re buckled-in secure, just in case. Getting ejected from a car will turn you into zombie fodder faster than you can say “brain dead.” And you don’t want the last thing you ever see to be the mouth of a zombie as he pulls you off the steering wheel and out the window. Buckle up! It saves lives.

Rule #5: No Attachments

Here today, zombie tomorrow.

That’s the way of the world in the apocalypse. So don’t get too attached to your travel buddies. You may be blowing their brains out in the end.  No matter how many times you promise each other, in heartfelt tones over cans of pork ‘n beans, to blow each other’s brains out, you may hesitate a second too long when the time comes. You’re in this to survive, not make the next Lifetime movie.

Rule #6: Cast Iron Skillet

Sturdy and portable, this household item makes a great zombie deterrent.

One good swat to the head, then a double-tap. Best recipe around.

Rule #7: Travel Light

Only carry the necessities.

You never know when you’re going to have to pick up and go in a hurry. No framed pictures, no teddy bears, and no trophies from 10-year-old baseball. Sentimental feelings get you killed. If it does not keep you alive, ditch it.

Rule #8: Get a Kickass Partner

Always good to have an experienced zombie killer on your side.

Chuck Norris works best. Zombies see him and kill themselves. If you can’t find Chuck, find someone with a few notches on their belt (and gun, and water bottle, and backpack).

Rule #9: With Your Bare Hands

Always have some kind of weapon at the ready.

Do you really wanna touch these undead freaks with your bare skin? You would touch a zombie with a 10-foot pole, but not with your hands. The farther away they are when they splatter, the better.

Rule #10: Don’t Swing Low

Despite how some females feel about men, all brains are located in the head.

That’s where you wanna aim. Remember, zombies don’t feel pain. They’re either dead (a good zombie) or ‘alive’ (a bad zombie). Go for the kill shot.

Rule #11: Use Your Feet

Running, jumping, kicking away zombies.

Your feet are always something you should take full advantage of. See Rule #1. Your feet can save you, but only if properly trained. Also, see Rule #9. Running beats kicking a zombie any day.

Rule #12: Bounty Paper Towels

When it comes to the undead, you can never be too clean.

Always carry these for messes, big or small. They’re the quicker picker-upper. They handle blood, gore, and puke better than other leading brands.

Rule #13: Shake It Off

Whether it be bad thoughts, shock, or a zombie, you gotta shake it off.

Stay focused. Stay in the moment. Only worry about what is right in front of you, especially if it is a zombie. Anything else, shake it off, forget about it, and move on. Your survival depends on it, grasshopper.

Rule #14: Always Carry a Change of Underwear

You never know when you might need it.

See Rules #12 and #30 as well. Once you’ve escaped the zombies, you might prefer a more relaxing, fresh feeling.

Rule #15: Bowling Ball

While it may not kill a zombie, it can definitely incapacitate a number of them at a time to set up for the Double Tap.

Just watch out for the 7-10 split. If you focus too much on the leader of the pack, the ones on the outside may run you down, split you open, and leave you in the gutter.

Rule #16: Opportunity Knocks

And whenever it does, make sure you answer.

But only answer opportunity, not a zombie. Be sure you know what is on the other side of the door before you answer. If you see a zombie and have to answer, do so with a gun or black iron skillet.

Rule #17: (Don’t) Be a Hero

Unless it’s a matter of life and death, there’s no need to show off.

No high score exists in the zombie apocalypse. You will not find a leaderboard. There are no points. You win by staying alive. Showing off eventually leads to your gruesome death.


Rule #18: Limber Up

Nothing will slow you down like a pulled muscle.

And a pulled muscle will end with you pulled apart. Stretch constantly, like a cat. Zombies will not wait five minutes for you to complete a warm-up routine.

Rule #19: Break It Up

It’s always good to blow off a little steam.

If the zombie apocalypse has you all stressed out, just break something. Just make sure it’s not anything important. Break a stick, a clod of dirt, or the framed picture of your Aunt Linda that you should not have in your pack anyway (see Rule #7). Do not break weapons, water bottles, or your travel companion’s noggin.

(Looking for a less-destructive stress-release to pass the time? Try a thrilling zombie escape room adventure!)

Rule #20: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Unless it’s time to sprint… then sprint. And sprint for your life.

Hopefully, you performed your cardio workouts. If not, this could be the shortest (and last) sprint you ever run.

Rule #21: Avoid Strip Clubs

While a brainless environment may seem like the perfect hiding place, strip clubs distract you.

Without seeing what dangers surround you, you could easily fall prey to a zombie… plus… it’s way more ‘icky’ in there now that everyone’s dead…

Rule #22: When in Doubt, Know Your Way Out

Always have an escape route.

You never know when you might have to run. Never, never, hole up in an area you don’t know. Research your terrain. Before doing anything, make sure you find the nearest exit. Remember, the nearest exit may be behind your seat. Failing to know how to escape may prevent escape.

Rule #23: Ziploc

Those little bags are for more than sandwiches.

They help keep moisture out, so it’s always good to have them handy. Put your phone in one to keep it dry when you cross a creek. Put your snack bars in another. Your copy of How to Survive Zombies Without Looking Like One in another. Never your weapon. You need it available in case you get surprised.

Rule #24: Use Your Thumbs

Ours were made opposable for a reason.

They’re useful for grabbing things, like guns and black iron skillets.

Rule #25: Shoot First

You don’t have to ask zombies anything anyways.

What are you planning? Will you place the zombie under a bright light and play good cop/bad cop? Are you looking for the location of the hidden zombie plans for world domination? Will you ask the zombie to take you to its leader? Shoot! Then, shoot again!

Rule #26: A Little Sunscreen Never Hurt Anybody

Do you really wanna have to worry about sunburn, too?

Besides, the smell of sunburned flesh will summon zombies faster than flowers attract bees.

Rule #27: Incoming!

Always be on your toes.

You never know what could come out of nowhere. You need eyes in the back of your head. No headphones or loud music. No white noise. No binging zombie shows on Netflix. You need to be alert 24/7.

Rule #28: Double-knot Your Shoes

You don’t want to trip over unsecured laces while running from flesh hungry zombies, now do you?

Velcro laces work well too. You don’t want to see, in your last moment on earth, your untied shoestrings dangling while zombies bite your legs. Safety first!

Rule #29: The Buddy System

The more, the merrier. Never go it alone.

See Rule #27. At some point, you will need to sleep. One of you must always be on guard. If you try to go it alone, you could end up with a zombie alarm clock.

Rule #30: Pack Your Stain Stick

For those tough, ground in bloodstains.

Zombies can smell blood, so you don’t want it on your clothes. Also, you may not be a zombie, so you certainly don’t want to look and smell like one, right?

Rule #31: Check the Back Seat

As stated before, zombies can be sneaky.

Check before you enter the car, not after. They’re sneaky, not bright. A quick glance should tell you whether you can enter. A failure to glance and your head will be facing backward not long after you hit the gas.

Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things

It’ll help you keep your sanity.

Just because the apocalypse struck, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. Take in the blood-red sunset. Stop and smell the flowers. Play games with your friends (like this epic zombie escape room game). However, if you see the red dripping off of the roses, run.

Rule #33: Swiss Army Knife

Multitools are always a good idea.

While you will not want to fight with it (see Rule #9), you can eat dinner with it, whittle stakes with it, and use it to build traps to warn you of incoming zombies. Best of all, it takes up almost no space (See Rule #7).

What other rules would you add to this impressive set regarding survival during the zombie apocalypse?

Merch For The Stash

Want a Pair of Zombie Slippers? These Are the Best for You!

For zombie fanatics out there, I have some great news now that winter is coming: you can keep your feet warm by wearing these amazing zombie plush slippers that I have found. They look absolutely amazing, they are extremely warm and you can’t really call yourself a zombie fan unless you have at least one pair. The best thing is that these sizes usually fit most shoe sizes (unless you have really large feet) so you don’t have to worry about anything.

These being said, for all zombie fans out there, here are some amazing zombie themed slippers to keep you warm and entertained over the winter. Or whenever you feel like literally putting your feet through a zombie’s head!

Plants Vs Zombies Slippers


I haven’t played a lot of Plants vs Zombies to know the characters so well and you don’t have to either. These are, in my opinion, the best zombie slippers out there: the quality is great and the design is amazing. The zombies have eyes dangling out of their pockets, the head is cracked to show a bit of the brain and their wide open mouths are ready for a bloody delight: your feet and legs! Truly amazing – click here to check them out!

Zombies Afoot Plush Slippers


These are, in my opinion, the second best looking zombie slippers out there. They’re green, they’re hideous, one has an eye dangling out of its socket while the other has the tongue out. They look great and feel great. They’re not cheap, but they’re worth every cent as these are some quality crafted plush slippers, which are fun to wear and warm. Click here to get your pair today!

Zombie Monster Slippers


If you’re looking for something even more fun than the pairs recommended above, then this one’s for you! I think the zombie looks a bit like Homer Simpson, and that’s always a bonus. I am not really the biggest fan of this design, but you still get a nice bang for your back and a crazy, brain-loving infected chewing on your feet (of course, that will happen just in your mind!). Click here to get your pair now.

Bonus: Dead Zombie Leg Socks


And I also have a bonus for all the ladies reading this article (or guys reading this looking for zombie-themed presents for their loved ones). These Dead Zombie Leg knee-high socks work flawlessly with any zombie costume (or anything, really) but especially with your newly bought pair of zombie slippers. Brainy! Click here to check them out.

So these would be our recommended zombie slippers to keep you warm over the winter or the colder days of spring and fall. There’s not a ton to choose from, but fortunately the options that we have for you are beautiful and of high quality, so you can consider yourself covered. Literally.

Zombie Books & Killer Reading

Another 10 Epic Zombie Books for Diehard Fans

Just like always, I am here to share with you the “must read” novels for zombie fans all over the world. All the books that I’m recommending here can be read on Kindle, with some having Paperback editions available – and they’re all amazing!

This time, we do have some great titles, some extremely original zombie novels as well as highly anticipated new books that fans of zombie fiction will love (for example, Mark Tufo and Nicholas Sansbury Smith have brand new novels for us). Even more, for fans of Nicholas Sansbury Smith’s Extinction Cycle series, there were a lot of books written by other authors set in the well known universe, so we can consider it a huge treat. Only two of these books made it on our list because the competition was insane to pick our top 10, but you can definitely try a few more as there are some gems left out for you to discover.

Well, these being said, let’s not waste any time!

1. Extinction Aftermath – Nicholas Sansbury Smith


The sixth book – and the conclusion of – the Extinction Cycle is here and, as I told you already, it has spawned a bunch of great releases in the same world. In this final book of the series, Captain Reed Beckham and Dr. Kate Lovato are settling into a new life on Plum Island. Across the country, the adult Variants have all been wiped out and the juveniles are on the run. But survivors soon realize there are other monsters left at home. And they may be human.

This book is not available on Amazon any more, but if you can find a second-hand copy online or at a dusty bookshop, then I highly recommend giving this one a go.

2. Zombies vs Robots – Joe Cautilli & Marisha Cautilli


The title of the book is enough to make you want to read it and you’ll love it just as you love the similarly insanely paired movies by SyFy. Surprisingly, the book is not completely over the top and has some really believable and lovable characters and a really nice story. A pleasant surprise overall:

“A family and their friends frantically battle legions of zombies in a major American east coast city. This family has one advantage, and that is its ability to innovate new technologies, including robots, to increase their chances of survival. Through the use of the robots they are able to reclaim some of their lost world, but zombies are not their only worry. Other survivors are often just as dangerous. Finding sources of food and water prove to be equal and ongoing challenges for them. Follow their movement through joy and despair as they seek to live just another day.”

Click here to get the book.

3. Wither – Amy Miles


A brand new series in the making. Definitely a series you’ll want to read and I’m sure we’ll see the sequels listed in my future articles. Here’s how things go in Withered, a book where all sorts of wrongs happen:

“After an epidemic swept across America like a biblical plague, the government leapt into the fray with the release of a new vaccine—but what was meant to bring salvation to the survivors instead brought damnation. Mutations began within days of the drug’s release and the Withered Ones were born—those neither alive nor dead. They walked the streets, unblinking and unaware. And they were starting to evolve.”

Click here to get the book.

4. Extinction Cycle: Extinction Trippin’ – Mark Tufo


Mark Tufo has a (really short) treat for us in the Extinction Cycle universe created by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. It’s Mark Tufo with his great writing style, a great story overall and the characters we love from his series. A win, but way too short!

“Man’s extinction is on the horizon and it’s up to four people torn from their own world by unseen forces to do their best to make sure that doesn’t happen. Follow along as Michael Talbot, part-time prepper, along with his best friend BT “Big Tiny” and the anti-hero Mrs. Deneaux are pulled into another realm, seemingly spun from the mind of the ever stoned John the Tripper in a desperate bid to right what has gone wrong.”

This book too has unfortunately fallen off the edge of the world it seems. If you can find it, read it and don’t let it go!

5. Rain Must Fall – Deb Rotuno


Jack Chambers was all the way across the country—separated from his family—when life as he knew it came to a screeching halt. A virus straight out of a horror movie has been unleashed, turning friends, neighbors, and family members into a walking nightmare. Jack must fight to make his way back home to his wife and son from Florida all the way to Oregon in a world that is determined to kill them all.

Sara Chambers considered herself to be a strong-minded military wife and mother. When her husband is called away for temporary duty, she never thought that her quiet, small-town life would be turned upside down. Following her husband’s frantic instructions, Sara must protect their son, Freddie, and the last remaining members of the small town of Sandy, Oregon, and get them somewhere safe, get them to the one place Jack told her to take them—their cabin at Clear Lake.

You classic zombie tale, something I can never get enough of! Click here to start reading now.

6. Dead City – Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant


A great take on the zombie genre combined with some world class storytelling. The result is a surprising, gripping novel. Here’s how the story goes:

One bite used to be the difference between life and death… until biotech giant Hemisphere developed Necrophage — the drug that stopped the zombie plague in its undead tracks. But quick solutions often come with steep consequences. The Sherman Pope virus is no longer a death sentence to the infected, but only if they receive treatment in time. Clarifiers must decide who will be treated and who is turned out into the Yosemite Preserve to turn feral and be hunted for sport.

Amazon has taken this book down from their website, but if you can find it online, it comes highly recommended.

7. Blood Memory, Book 9 – Perrin Briar


The ninth and final book in the Post Apocalyptic Horror Series by Perrin Briar is here and you’ll love the conclusion! I know that 9 novels sounds like a lot for those who didn’t get a chance to read the series yet, but you’ll do yourself a favor if you start reading it. Here’s how things go in Blood Memory, Book 9:

“Tim is trapped in his own consciousness, his comatose body protected by Jordan. Fang is beating on the door to Tim’s inner Fortress, close to discovering where Jordan is hiding his body. Gaining entrance to either will seal Tim’s fate, as well as that of the world. But a secret is lurking about Fang that propels the survivors onto their final expedition: to defeat the all-powerful Wei. They must race against time before he becomes the Master Overlord and claims the world as his own.”

Unfortunately, this one too has become a victim of time, and ‘fallen off the shelf’. If you can find it, read it!

8. Humanity’s Hope: Camp H – Greg P Ferrell


Even though I’ve seem better writing in my zombie books and this novel could surely use some extra proofreading, there was something about it that I loved. It’s clearly just the first in a series, as you are still left with many unanswered questions and a ton of characters that deserve more page time and development, but at the same time, it’s pretty entertaining to read. You should skip it though if you can’t stand typos, minor grammar errors and other text-related problems. Here’s how things go:

“Mankind has always worried about the end of its days and that time has come in the form of a Zombie plague. A group of friends have banded together to create a safe haven they call Camp H, for hope. They are unaware of approaching danger on two horizons that will take them to their limits to survive. One among them may hold the key to humanity’s salvation.”

Click here to get the book now.

9. The Book Of Riley: The Final Path Home – Mark Tufo


Book five, and the last chapter in Mark Tufo’s brilliant series about the survival adventures of Riley, a fearless American bulldog. Yes, we have two Mark Tufo books this month and, even they’re both shorter reads, they’re awesome and we can consider them a great treat for all zombie fans out there! Here’s how to conclusion plays (no spoilers):

After being separated from her pack and left for dead, Riley, a fearless American bulldog, teams up with an unexpected ally on her quest to find the final path home. Together they face the harshness of the wilderness, the rage of the “deaders”, and the murderous intent of the “two-leggers”. Sometimes, man is far from a dog’s best friend.

Click here to download this book.

10. Extinction Cycle: Lost Valley – Walt Browning


We round things up with another novel set in Nicholas Sansbury Smith’s Extinction Cycle, a brilliant book about survival in the early days of the apocalypse. Here’s a bit more about what you’re going to get:

“John Eric Carver and Shrek are a retired Navy SEAL war dog team, now living in the mountains outside of San Diego. Both man and dog thought their life was now settled, finding peace on the forty acre ranch they had moved to. But life, and a mutated virus, changed all that. Now, they had to survive the infection that was consuming the world. Taking refuge in a near-by Boy Scout camp, he leads a group of teens and their parents as they are forced to deal with infected creatures that were rapidly consuming the world.”

Get the book on Amazon.

Great choices all around, and I can only hope that we’ll keep on getting just as many quality releases to read!

If you’re looking for something a little different, I highly recommend giving Escape Room Z a try. It’s not a book, it’s a printable escape room game I played with my friends the other weekend, and we had a blast! You can check out my playthrough of the game here.

And Make sure to check out all of my other awesome book recommendations here – there are some really great reads you’ll love here:

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Merch For The Stash

Best Zombie Half Masks / Face Masks for Bikers

I personally believe that zombies – or zombie hunters – go perfectly hand in hand with bikes. Bikers, zombies, horror, skulls… now these are matches made in heaven and we’re here to make things even better by sharing with you some of the best zombie half masks and full face masks for bikers. So if you love riding your bike and you’re a horror fan – specifically a zombie fan – you will surely love our selection which will make you look more badass than ever.

These would also make really cool accessories for a Halloween outfit, or to dress up with for a zombie party (like when we played Escape Room Z. You can check out my playthrough of this printable zombie escape room game here).

So without further ado, let’s rock on with the best zombie half masks and full face masks that you can purchase now to impress and make a solid statement. Enjoy!

Zan Headgear Zombie Half Mask


This half mask is made from neoprene and keeps your face warm at all times. It looks amazing and has a hook and loop closure that fits most head sizes. I have a larger head and it still fits great. One of my favorites and I highly recommend it! Click here to buy or check it out.

ZANheadgear Sugar Skull Half Mask


We have just one suggestion for ladies on our list, but if it proves successful, I’ll happily share more. The Sugar Skull half mask looks amazing and there’s also a full mask option if you want to upgrade. Made of high quality neoprene, it fits great for most head sizes and looks absolutely amazing! Click here to buy or find out more.

Zombie Half Mask Bundle


What’s better that one zombie-themed face mask? TWO zombie-themed face masks for bikers, of course! One’s spooky and the other’s pretty groovy, but they’re both cool so you will surely love them! Click here to buy or check them out.

Hot Leathers Robo Skull


This is another one that looks amazing and brings a bit of tech to the zombie theme. Because yes, there are few things cooler than a robo skull! The mask itself is made of Neoprene and has an easy to use velcro closure, meaning that it should be a great fit for most people. Click here to buy or find out more about it.

Qinglonglin Balaclava Skull Full Face Mask


Go a little crazy with this full face mask. If you don’t like the model I’ve chosen, you still have more options as the company offers 8 different models. This balaclava face mask is made from elastic fabric, but won’t be as tight as the image suggests (while it will still be a great fit). I love it so chances are you will too: click here to buy it now.

Hot Leathers Smoking Clown Mask


Go full psycho with this zombie clown mask. Halloween every day, baby! Made from neoprene, light weight, high quality. Click here to get it.

ZANheadgear Reversible Pain


This half mask for bikers seems more suitable for a zombie hunter from the future – and that’s exactly what I love about it. The neoprene material is elastic and comfortable, so you have no real reasons to complain about it. Click here to check it out.

IKADEER Motorcycle Masks


Remember that thing about the fact that two are better than one? Well, here we go again with this set of two amazing zombie themed half masks. I personally love the one with the skull and pistol – totally badass! Click here to buy & see more.

Zan Headgear Smiley Face


Camo style and a huge smile for the zombie hunter inside. Or the camouflaged zombie: it’s your pick! Bonus: easier to breath in than many other biking masks out there! Click here to check it out.

ZANheadgear Fleece


Again, we’re going for zombie hunting instead of zombie designs. This is a plain black mask with a small nose opening that could turn any survivor into the ultimate zombie hunter. Zombie apocalypse not included – but do click here to buy it if you like to keep it simple.

Don’t forget to share this article with fellow zombie fans that love to ride their bikes. And, of course, let us know which one is your favorite!

Zombie Books & Killer Reading

Top 10 Zombie Books You’ll Love

Here, I’m continually sharing with you my personal list of the best zombie books, books that zombie fans will love to read and some that even those that are not big zombie fans will enjoy as well. With each month seeing hundreds of new zombie novels launched on Amazon, it’s very difficult to select just a bunch – the top ones – and I try to do that for you. Although I might miss some really good books, at least I save you from going through all the poorly written novels out there.

My friends and I keep saying that 90% of the new zombie books out there are not worth reading. So why spend your money? Check out our list and you’ll have 10 great novels to read this month. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check them out – read on!

The Fire Sisters – A.G. Henley


This is the third book in the Brilliant Darkness series and it’s a novel that doesn’t focus as much on the zombies as some would love, but it’s extremely well written, action packed and thought provoking, so I couldn’t just leave it out of the list.

The novel continues the story: Fenn and Peree join a small search party led by rival Kaiya, the one person who stands a chance of finding the children thanks to her mysterious past. As they travel away from the safe waters of Koolkuna and into the Scourge-infested wilds, Fenn endures Kai’s scorn, her subtle designs on Peree, and the squabbling of the group, but nothing in her life so far has prepared her for the fierce warrior women who will steal others’ children to preserve their own existence–the Fire Sisters.

While the Fire Sisters is a great read, it’s unfortunately gone out of print. If you can track down a copy, make sure to read it!

Twisted World: A Broken World Novel – Kate L. Mary


Twenty years ago a deadly virus swept the globe, ravaging the population. People died and came back as monsters, and through the tragedy that rocked the world survivors were born. Megan James is the product of survivors. Her parents crossed hundreds of miles of dangerous countryside to reach Atlanta, and the promise of a real future.

Now, two decades later, Meg is facing a crisis of her own. Her father has vanished and is presumed dead, and her mom is teetering on the edge of insanity, but all Meg really wants is to return to the safe world she always thought she was living in. Only Atlanta isn’t everything her parents thought it would be. The slums have grown and corruption is rampant, and despite the promise of democracy the new government has been slow to change. Through it all, the only consistency seems to be the zombies. Decayed and barely more than skeletons, there is no reason they should still be moving. But they are.

You might be familiar with the author from her previous series, Broken World, to which this new series is connected. However, you don’t have to read the previous series in order to take on this new one, so just check it out.

This book too, has dropped off the radar. Amazon isn’t stocking it, but I’m sure somebody has it!

Zombie Nation – Samantha Warren


This is not your typical zombie novel as it mixes zombies with a coming of age story. Kinley was only six when the apocalypse began. She spent the majority of her life in a walled, zombie proof town. But when a convoy comes to visit, she’ll learn that not everything inside the walls is safe. A book that starts slow, but picks up quickly and you’ll get to love it. Here’s an excerpt from the description:

I wasn’t there when the world ended. I didn’t see the body wash up on the shore. I didn’t know the first victim. But like everyone else, I suffered through the aftermath. The zombie apocalypse wasn’t an instantaneous destruction of the whole North American continent. It didn’t hit like a tornado and decimate the nation in one fell swoop. No, it was more like a massive wave on the ocean, rolling along, slow and steady, but ultimately unstoppable.

Click here to buy Zombie Nation and start reading right away!

Stand and Deliver – Garth Ono


You don’t have to take this book too seriously, and you’ll be just fine. A crazy mixture of zombies and vampires, with a lovable heroine and over the top deliveries (like a zombie biting her crotch early on in the book), this is a novel that fans of the genre will really enjoy! Here’s a quick description of the Kate Brokenshire Zombie Slayer Adventure Book 1:

Slaying zombies for a living is way harder than it seems. You’d think Kate’s career counselor would’ve suggested something a little better like hairdressing or receptionist. But no… She actually loves her job as a slayer, but the money could be better. Maybe that’s why she lets the sheriff talk her into going after a vamp that crossed over from the Zombie Lands to terrorize her quaint hometown of Tennyson, Illinois. Big mistake!

Click here to buy Stand and Deliver.

Zombie Theorem: The End Game – James Wallace


Dan has rescued Julie and has been reunited with his dad, but in the end he lost so much more. After waking in a military hospital he learns of his injuries and the loss of his little Angel. His body and faith will be tested. Will he ever be free of the scourge and have a normal life again? Will he be able to rally his troops and find a possible cure? With his best friend Brian by his side and his SWAT family standing squarely behind him he will be become the leader that he never knew he could become.

This is the third book in the series, providing nail biting action just like the previous ones. Will Dan survive? There’s only one way to find out:

Click here to start reading Zombie Theorem: The End Game.

Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter – C.A. Verstraete


One hot August morning in 1892, Lizzie Borden picked up an axe and murdered her father and stepmother. Newspapers claim she did it for the oldest of reasons: family conflicts, jealousy and greed. But what if her parents were already dead? What if Lizzie slaughtered them because they’d become zombies?

Even though I prefer more modern settings for the zombie apocalypse, this remains a really enjoyable read and a nice change in the end if all you’ve been reading lately are zombie novels set in the present time.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t stock this one, so you’ll have to find it elsewhere.

Knights of the Dead – I.J. Smith


Well, if you start with zombies in the history books in the novel above, why not continue it with some action set in medieval times?

Long ago there was a period of time known as the Dark Ages. Finally the truth of those years are revealed. Will the Zombies rule or will The Knights win the war?

Although this book is pretty slow and it has its problems – at least in my opinion – it was still one of the better reads of the month and hopefully the next ones in the series will get better and better! So click here to read Knights of the Dead!

Season Of Decay – Michael W. Garza


Our world decayed and a new world arose from the ashes of the old in this second book in the Decaying World Saga.

The Canaan tribe formed from the ruins of their oppressors, struggling to build a new world for themselves, challenged by the rise of a threat within and a familiar foe at their doorstep.

Mia’s position among the tribe has put her at odds with Rowan and their former way of life. Rowan is determined to strike out on his own, but his loyalty to Mia has become a constant battle. The lives of all the members of the Canaan tribe hang in the balance as the council struggles with a path forward. A horde of the dead push toward Canaan driven by the infected, and Mia must choose between the people she loves and the tribe she has sworn to protect.

I know you’re getting sick of me recommending ‘dead books’…. but a good book is a good book, whether Amazon stocks it or not!

A Place Outside The Wild – Daniel Humphreys


Eight years after Z-Day, the surviving remnants of mankind face the unknown. The fences and walls kept the ravenous undead at bay until they wasted away. A once overwhelming foe has turned feeble and weak, and a world gone wild seems ripe for reclamation.

An interesting approach to the genre, a solid story and intense action – all these are the ingredients you will find in this book and these will be some of the reasons that will keep you reading until the end. And then – you won’t be disappointed! Click here to download this book.

The List – Michael John Grist


At five years old Anna survived the first zombie apocalypse, but lost her father. At fifteen she survived the second, but lost even more. She won’t allow a third. She has a list of the 11 remaining bunkers. She has the skills to take them down. But the bunkers have a secret, and won’t go down without terrible, world-shaking fight. Who will survive?

The fifth book in the Zombie Ocean series, The List delivers as expected. We have great action scenes, a lot of gore and plot twists to keep us entertained. All in all, a great book!

Click here to get The List.


So this would be my list of recommended titles – we have a nice mixture of standalone releases and books that are part of a series. Until this month, I tried to only recommend brand new books, but I decided that it’s not a good choice since there are indeed some amazing series out there getting regular releases as well.

If you’re ready to take a break from reading, then I’d recommend you try out a printable escape room game, specifically, Escape Room Z. I played this for a weekend game night and loved it! You can read my playthrough of the game here.

And Make sure to check out all of my other awesome book recommendations here – there are some really great reads you’ll love here:

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Featured Zombie Games That'll Thrill

Best Zombie Board Games to Play

We’re back! If you missed our last post on the topic, check out all the other zombie board game goodness here – great zombie board games.

We have checked and played probably every zombie board game on the market – or at least most of them – in order to be able to share our findings with you.

It’s true that the offer is still not that varied, but we do have a lot more options and great board games that we can play today than we did a few years ago, as you will see in today’s article. So without further ado, let’s check out the best zombie board games for you to play!

Escape Room Z


This is technically not a board game, but I’d say it’s even better!

Escape Room Z is a printable escape room game made by Lock Paper Scissors. True to the spirit of escape rooms, Escape Room Z is a challenging puzzler that takes a team of 3-6 people up to one hour to solve (you could play it with just two, or even by yourself, but you’d have to be pretty clever to solve all the puzzles in time!).

The aim of this whimsical, but challenging game is to recover your pizza, unlock the gun cabinet, and escape the zombie horde before they can devour you, and your pizza, whole! (of course, the game works even better if you order a real pizza as a prize…)

This makes for the perfect main event of a zombie party, or for an excitingly novel zombie game night – because it’s also completely customisable, and scalable to any number of players.

If you’re looking for a new experience beyond traditional board games, I can’t recommend Escape Room Z highly enough. Want more info? You can check out my playthrough of the game here.

Escape Zombie City


We’re starting with a very casual zombie board game, more suitable for family play, those new to board games in general or those who are not too hardcore about this type of games. It’s a fast paced game with pretty interesting mechanics: you have 15 minutes to escape the zombie infected town, and you’ll do so by rolling dice and playing in real time (so there are no turns or anything). Although things can be fun this way, it is pretty chaotic at times. However, even at this fast speed you still have interaction with other players and the game is usually more fun than not. Still, consider it as a light, casual game for the family. If you want something more complex or grittier, look at the other titles on our list.

Either way, you can definitely give it a try: click here to find out more & buy the game.

Zombie Fluxx


Zombie Fluxx is the zombie uprising card game with ever-changing rules, one game that will most likely be enjoyed and appreciated by non zombie fans as well. It’s fast and easy to learn and cards have simple, comic-book styled drawings and are pretty durable. This is a cooperative type of game for 2-6 players who struggle together to find the cure for the zombie pandemic and stop the zombie apocalypse. Each game lasts about 30 minutes and it’s very fun. Zombie Fluxx comes with a Board, Showing The World’s Major Cities, 7 Role Cards, With Matching Pawns, 6 Research Stations, 6 Wooden Markers, 96 Disease Cube,s 48 Infection Cube,s 59 Player Cards, Reference Cards And Rulebook.

A good party game overall (and not only): Click here to order your copy now!

Dead Panic


Another cooperative zombie board game, I consider Dead Panic a family friendly game which might seem a bit familiar to those who played Castle Panic (since it’s made by the same company). Although similar, it has new mechanics and a nice zombie theme: players work together to survive in a cabin that’s attacked by zombies. Ranged weapons let you attack from a distance, but if the Zombies break through the walls, you will have to fight them hand-to-hand and there’s a nice fighting mechanic the game comes with. A very fun game and simple as well: a bit on the light side, but it’s worth trying out if you’re looking for something new!

Click here to buy it or find out more.



This is already a classic, a game that has been featured on our list of best zombie board games a few years ago. This game puts you in the middle of the action as you try to escape the ever advancing zombie horde. Players must use a combination of wits and brawn to be the first to the heliport and certain escape. The only problem is, the zombies are everywhere, they appear to be very hungry and your opponents would really prefer if you didn’t escape. Games can last up to two hours and the base game can be played by up to 6 players. There are numerous expansions available, which is even better in my opinion. A great, fun game!

Click here to buy it or find our more about Zombies!!!

City of Horror


Not your regular zombie game, City of Horror is a game where diplomacy, strategy and negotiation skills count more than fighting abilities. Actually, there will be very little fighting (compared to what you’d expect from a zombie survival game, at least), but this doesn’t mean that we’re dealing with a bad game. On the contrary! Each player controls multiple survivors, trying to keep them alive – and for that you will need the support of other players. Yup, expect a lot of bickering around during the game – but that’s what makes it even more fun.

This is a game for 3-6 players which lasts about 90 minutes. Click here to buy it and find out more.

Last Night On Earth


Another game that was featured on our list a few years ago and one that I still love playing just as much as I did back then. A modular board game that can be played by up to six players and lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, Last Night on Earth offers a truly cinematic experience to players: as the Heroes, you will be fighting against the hordes of zombies to make it through the night or, if you prefer, you can play as the enemy and do your best to stop the heroes. The game comes with several scenarios that change the game so replay value is really high, making it one of the best zombie board games you can buy.

So don’t waste any time and click here to check it out!

Dead of Winter


An amazing game, one that hasn’t been launched for a long time and one that probably few zombie fans or board game geeks have played. But you don’t have to miss it as it’s absolutely amazing! In this game, you are part of a colony of survivors and work together with others to stay alive, while also having a secret personal objective which you must complete in order to win the game. This is a brilliant addition and something that makes the whole game even more fun than it is! It’s a story-centric game about surviving through a harsh winter in an apocalyptic world. The survivors are all dealing with their own psychological imperatives, but must still find a way to work together to fight off outside threats, resolve crises, find food and supplies and keep the colony’s morale up. For 2-5 players, each game lasts about 1.5 hours.

One of the best games I’ve ever played! So do yourself a favor and click here to buy it & play it ASAP!



Considered by many the best zombie board game, Zombicide is indeed extremely fun and high quality, also offering you the option to purchase a bunch of expansions to improve the experience. The best part about it is that it can also be played as a single player game – but up to 6 total players can enjoy it. Zombies in Zombicide are controlled by a simple AI system, dictating they must chase after the closet living thing or the loudest spot on the board. This lets players become fully immersed in the game as they search for new equipment, trick zombies, set traps and make daring escapes. A really fun game that can take anything between 20 minutes and a couple of hours to play, depending on the board you choose.

Click here to buy & find out more about this game.

So these would be our recommended zombie board games to play this year – and for the years to come! We have some more casual games at the beginning of the list, and really solid, deep and advanced games towards the end. Although I had fun playing them all, if I were to suggest just one and pick my favorite, this time it would be Dead of Winter – so make sure you buy it no matter what!